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Http Fake Backend
Build a fake backend by providing the content of JSON files or JavaScript objects through configurable routes.
I18next Xhr Backend
[deprecated] can be replaced with i18next-http-backend
Yii2 Usuario
Highly customizable and extensible user management, authentication, and authorization Yii2 extension
Three Layer
3️⃣ 🍰 Architecture of the Haskell web applications
Free Programming Resources
💎 免费的编程资源大全,持续更新!🔥 覆盖各种语言和方向(Java \ Python \ C++ \ JavaScript \ Golang \ 前端 \ 后端等)的学习路线、贴心教程、项目实战、编程书籍、面试合集、实用资源等,对程序员非常有帮助!
Full Stack Fastapi Couchbase
Full stack, modern web application generator. Using FastAPI, Couchbase as database, Docker, automatic HTTPS and more.
Terraform Aws Tfstate Backend
Terraform module that provision an S3 bucket to store the `terraform.tfstate` file and a DynamoDB table to lock the state file to prevent concurrent modifications and state corruption.
A TypeScript backend framework focuses on development productivity, uses dedicated reflection library to help you create a robust, secure and fast API delightfully.
📒 The light/responsive inventory management system available on Windows, macOS and Linux.
Easy Admin Demo
A demo application to showcase EasyAdmin features
A simple RESTful Web Service built with Tornado.
Go Graphql Starter
This repository uses graph-gophers/graphql-go to build a starter web application
Okuna Api
🤖 The Okuna Social Network API
👨🏻‍🏫 — Web Edukasi Open-Source yang dibuat oleh SYAUQIZAIDAN KHAIRAN KHALAF. Learnify adalah Web edukasi yang dilengkapi video, materi dan sistem ujian yang tersedia secara gratis. Learnify dibuat ditujukan agar para siswa dan guru dapat terus belajar dan mengajar dimana saja dan kapan saja.
Easily add a full Laravel blog (with built in admin panel and public views) to your laravel project with this simple package.
This repo is a one stop destination to find resources for learning various domains. You can find the roadmap for any domain here.
Db Query Matchers
RSpec matchers for database queries
✭ 196
AdminArchitect - Active Admin for Laravel
Backend Interview Questions
Hiring is extremely hard, and figuring out if someone is a good fit within 45 minutes is a demanding task. Here are some simple questions to interview potential backend candidates.
Magento to Vue-storefront datapump - synchronizes Products, Categories and Product-to-category links between your Magento2 API and NoSQL database of vue-storefront
A chat application built with Django channels.
Stackoverflow Clone
Clone project of a famous Q/A website for developers which is stackoverflow built using MySQL-Express-React-Node 🌐
Install Forest Admin in minutes.
⚡️ Set of tiny, independent libraries for creating modern and fast webapps with javascript/typescript
Csgofloat Inspect
Source Code that Powers the CSGOFloat Inspect Link API
Tus Ruby Server
Ruby server for tus resumable upload protocol
Trust Ray
☁️ API for the Trust Wallet. Project no longer supported and current version used as source of transactions and address tokens in Blockatlas
The CQRS flavoured framework that will speed up your WebAPI and Microservices development
Express Graphql Typescript Boilerplate
A starter kit for building amazing GraphQL API's with TypeScript and express by @w3tecch
Карта развития веб-разработчика
A CLI tool to create React + Node apps with just one command
An instant REST API for any AI model 🔥
Nest User Auth
A starter build for a back end which implements managing users with MongoDB, Mongoose, NestJS, Passport-JWT, and GraphQL.
Gindex V4
A Vue Js Based G Index with Improved Dark Mode, Search and Video Player
Fast, Scientific and Numerical Computing for the JVM (NDArrays)
A high performance, middleware oriented C++14 http web framework please use matt-42/lithium instead
A library to parse gdb mi output and interact with gdb subprocesses
Implementation of the GraphQL over WebSocket protocol in Go.
Laravel Backend
Backend for Laravel 4
Strongly-typed JavaScript object with support for validation and error handling.
Todomvc Ddd Cqrs Eventsourcing
Implementation of basic Todo app via tastejs/todomvc in C#/Typescript with eventsourcing, cqrs, and domain driven design
阿翔的个人技术博客,博文写在 Issues 里,如有收获请 star 鼓励~
🦔 Fast, lightweight & schema-less search backend. An alternative to Elasticsearch that runs on a few MBs of RAM.
Self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
Spring Backend Boilerplate
The modularized backend boilerplate based on Spring Boot Framework, easy to get started and add your business part.
Mentorship Backend
Mentorship System is an application that matches women in tech to mentor each other, on career development, through 1:1 relations during a certain period of time. This is the backend of this system.
Mern Authentication
MERN stack authentication boilerplate: password reset, email verification, server sessions, redux, hooks and docker for dev and prod.
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