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Hot Module Reloading for Preact
Rex Tils
Type safe utils for redux actions, epics, effects, react/preact default props, various type guards and TypeScript utils, React util components
A light-weight type-safe Elm-like alternative for Redux ecosystem, inspired by hyperapp and Elmish
Preact Custom Element
Wrap your component up as a custom element
Styled Loaders
Loaders Built with Preact and Styled Components
Preact Devtools
Browser extension for inspection Preact applications
Preact Worker Demo
Demo of preact rendering an entire app in a Web Worker.
Preact Redux Example
🔁 Preact + Redux Example Project
A minimal, accessible React/Preact calendar component using modern CSS.
The Bolt Design System provides robust Twig and Web Component-powered UI components, reusable visual styles, and powerful tooling to help developers, designers, and content authors build, maintain, and scale best of class digital experiences.
Zero To Preact
A Step-by-step Guide to Preact + Webpack 2, without boilerplate!
Gameboy / Gameboy Color Emulator PWA built with Preact. ⚛️ Powered by wasmBoy. 🎮Themed with VaporWave. 🌴🐬
VirtualDOM abstraction layer - give yourself better integration and full control over the DOM with any virtual DOM library that uses a Hyperscript-like API such as React and Preact.
Preact Mdl
💥 A collection of Preact Components that encapsulate Google's Material Design Lite.
Preact Render Spy
Render preact components with access to the produced virtual dom for testing.
State Machine Component
⚙️ State machine -powered components in 250 bytes
Elegant tab, bookmark and history search
Inline style system for React and Preact
Preact Markup
⚡️ Render HTML5 as VDOM, with Components as Custom Elements!
Preact Fluid
✅ A minimal UI kit for Preact
Preact Portal
📡 Render Preact components in (a) SPACE 🌌 🌠
Preact Photon
🚀 Beautiful desktop apps with Preact + Photon ❤️
Preact Slots
🕳 Render Preact trees into other Preact trees, like portals.
Preact Context
React new Context API for preact
🥜 goober, a less than 1KB 🎉 css-in-js alternative with a familiar API
like preact, but for go with wasm
📝Webpack loader for Omi.js React.js and Rax.js components 基于 Omi.js,React.js 和 Rax.js 单文件组件的webpack模块加载器
Virtual Dom
Redux React Starter
DEPRECATED use the new
🍞🔡 The Powerful Component to Display and Edit Data. Experience the Ultimate Data Transformer!
Clean and robust state management for React and React-like libs.
Preact Async Route
Async route component for preact-router
tsParticles - Easily create highly customizable particles animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available for React.js, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Inferno, Solid, Riot and Web Components.
Made With Webassembly
A showcase of awesome production applications, side projects, and use cases made with WebAssembly (Wasm). 👷
Preact And Typescript
Some simple patterns for Typescript usage with Preact
Preact Cycle
♻️ Minimal functional Virtual DOM rendering using Preact 🚲
Preact Scroll Viewport
Preact Component that renders homogeneous children only when visible
Mobx Preact
MobX bindings for Preact
Next Todos
200 lines realtime todos app powered by next.js, preact, jet, redux and now
✨ Create server-rendered universal JavaScript applications with no configuration
Tiny Atom
Pragmatic and concise state management.
Highly Extensible, Declarative Static Site Generator
📷 Mini Image Lazy Loader for P(R)eact and Vue
Led Matrix Simulator
🔮 A simple HTML5 LED Matrix Simulator for fun
🌟 DataFormsJS 🌟 A minimal JavaScript Framework and standalone React and Web Components for rapid development of high quality websites and single page applications.
🚀 Jetpack – Webpack made more convenient.
Nanocomponent Adapters
🔌 - Convert a nanocomponent to a component for your favourite API or library (web components, (p)react, angular)
Colors App
🎨 A PWA for copying values from popular color palettes. Supports HEX, RGB, and HSL formats.
Offline Gallery
🎈 A 16kb Preact & Redux based Progressive Web App that offers an offline gallery experience of external images.
Preact Todomvc
💣 TodoMVC done in Preact. Under 6kb and fast.
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