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Revolut Emergency
👨‍🚀 Unofficial Revolut PC app – Freeze cards, list transactions, get notifications, contact support
🍭 Cross-platform YouTube-downloader with playlist and channel support as well as build-in audio / video converter.
Sweet, simple epub reader
Visually trace Python code in real-time.
Image Shrinker
App for macOS. Minify your images and graphics with just one drop. Autorenamed in the same place where it comes from. Immediately!
Spark Wallet
⚡️ A minimalistic wallet GUI for c-lightning, accessible over the web or through mobile and desktop apps.
Sample application using Github Electron and Angular 1.4 with MySql used as database
Desktop client for WhatsApp Web with themes, notifications and multiple account support
Data Curator
Data Curator - share usable open data
Visual Prototyping Tool for React Applications
Pulse Sms Desktop
The official MacOS, Windows, and Linux clients for Pulse SMS - built on Electron.
Vue Electron
vue-blog client,base on vue-electron,axios, vuex, vue-router.
e-education solutions(Agora Reference Design)
Spotify controls that live in your menubar.
Docker Compose UI: Lifeboat is an easy way to launch projects with a graphical interface
A Git Based Task, Note, Todo Management Tool
Imaginary Teleprompter
Professional grade, free software, teleprompter app.
Time To Leave
Log work hours and get notified when it's time to leave the office and start to live.
A simple static webserver, in an app.
A cross-platform video player based on electron and ffmpeg.
Electron Inject
Inject javascript into closed source electron applications e.g. to enable developer tools for debugging.
Bilibili Downloader
哔哩哔哩视频下载器 | Yet another video downloader for Bilibili
Electron Menubar
Boilerplate for electron menubar application with PopOver with React + Webpack
Curve Studio
Minimalist Electron app for designing spline curves
🐷 A nifty little app that shows you the top posts on in your menubar.
Before Dawn
A desktop screensaver app using web technologies
Lx Music Desktop
一个基于 electron 的音乐软件
Mercury is the budget planner of the 21st century ! Based on Electron, it can be deployed in on virtually any OS
🔥 GitHub contribution streak & stat tracking menu bar app
ThisMyPC provides a neat web interface that can be used for browsing your desktop drives from any device in your browser itself. With the help of NodeJs, the file details are displayed in JSON format that can then we easily displayed in web browsers.
💌 A beautiful, fast and fully open source mail client for Mac, Windows and Linux.
A small launcher for the Cemu WiiU emulator made with Electron. Currently on hiatus, development is currently being focused on Pretendo
A dope, easy-on-the-eyes, currently-playing viewer for Spotify
🚕 Simple automation desktop app to download and organize your receipts from Uber/Lyft. Try out our new Ride Receipts PRO !
Discord Rich Presence integration for Nintendo Switch.
An app for making visual comparisons
📱Electronic commerce iOS APP framework
Download free videos by using the Electron application
QLens is an electron app which dynamically generates GraphQL Schemas and Mongo Schema visualization. QLens significantly cuts development time by automating the formation of their GraphQL schemas based on information fetched from their non-relational database.
Store Pos
Point of Sale Desktop App built with Electron
Fable Elmish Electron Material Ui Demo
Complete boilerplate for Electron apps using Fable and Elmish with hot module reloading, time-travel debugging, etc.
[NOT MAINTAINED] Desktop app to manage bookmarked links using Atom Electron and Vue.js.
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