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Enterprise job scheduling middleware with distributed computing ability.
Akka Kryo Serialization
Kryo-based serialization for Akka
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Akka Rabbitmq
RabbitMq client in Scala and Akka actors
Akka Guide
🌴 A chinese guide of Akka, based on Java.
Coordinated (etcd, ...) cluster construction for dynamic (cloud, containers) environments
Akka Management
Akka Management is a suite of tools for operating Akka Clusters.
Kafka With Akka Streams Kafka Streams Tutorial
Code samples for the Lightbend tutorial on writing microservices with Akka Streams, Kafka Streams, and Kafka
Distributed web chat application base websocket built on akka.
Jvm Bloggers
JVM Bloggers - website and newsletter with JVM blogs from Poland
Lighthouse - a simple service discovery platform for Akka.Cluster (Akka.NET)
Safe Chat
IRC-style chat demo featuring full-stack F#, Akka.Streams, Akkling, Fable, Elmish, Websockets and .NET Core
⚛️ JustinDB is a highly available globally distributed key-value data store.
Real-time multiplayer sailing game, in your browser
Zio Akka Cluster
ZIO wrapper for Akka Cluster
Scala based lightweight service framework using akka and other popular technologies.
Lithium - A split-brain resolver for Akka-Cluster
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Evaluation of API and performance of different actor libraries
Read and write Parquet in Scala. Use Scala classes as schema. No need to start a cluster.
Akka Serial
Reactive serial communication library for Akka and Scala.
Reactive Turtle
Scala and Akka for kids. A Functional Programming approach for the well known LOGO.
Akka Persistence Sql Async
A journal and snapshot store plugin for akka-persistence using RDBMS.
Play Community
一个基于 Play Framework 开发的开源社区系统。
Akka Monitoring
Monitoring system instrumentation for Akka.NET actor systems
Open source AMQP messaging broker based on Akka
Better Files
Simple, safe and intuitive Scala I/O
Akka Batteries
Utilities for Akka cluster in production
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Akka Reasonable Downing
Quorum split brain resolver for static akka cluster
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Akka Streams & Akka HTTP for Large-Scale Production Deployments
Akka Persistence Mongo
Implementation of akka-persistence storage plugins for mongodb
Alpakka Kafka
Alpakka Kafka connector - Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
Scala Ddd Example
🎯 λ Hexagonal Architecture + DDD + CQRS applied in Scala using Akka HTTP
Clickhouse Scala Client
Clickhouse Scala Client with Reactive Streams support
Diagram- and graph-generating library for Akka Streams
Swagger Akka Http Sample
Sample demonstrating use of swagger-akka-http
Event Store Journal for Akka Persistence
A real-time data replication platform that "unbundles" the receiving, transforming, and transport of data streams.
Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
Destroys failures.
Akka Tools
Open source tools to simplify Akka event sourcing, journaling/persistence, serialization, clustering and sharding.
Protoactor Dotnet
Proto Actor - Ultra fast distributed actors for Go, C# and Java/Kotlin
Jersey2 Akka Java
An example async Java REST API using Jersey 2 and Akka
Akka Typed Session
add-on to Akka Typed that tracks effects for use with Session Types
Psf Loginserver
Emulated PlanetSide 1 world and login server by the PSForever project.
Spark As Service Using Embedded Server
This application comes as Spark2.1-as-Service-Provider using an embedded, Reactive-Streams-based, fully asynchronous HTTP server
Akka Wamp
WAMP - Web Application Messaging Protocol implementation written with Akka
Akka Trading
Scala Backtesting + Oanda REST API Trading Framework built on top of Akka/Spray
Heimdallr, a Large-scale chat application server based on Redis Pubsub and Akka's actor model.
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