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Top 97 hot-reload open source projects

React Redux Typescript Jspm Starter
Futuristic, bundle-free, development environment for building Component-Driven SPA with React, Redux and TypeScript - powered by JSPM (SystemJS & Rollup with tree-shaking)
Better playgrounds that work both for Objective-C and Swift
React Pwa
An upgradable boilerplate for Progressive web applications (PWA) with server side rendering, build with SEO in mind and achieving max page speed and optimized user experience.
Systemjs Hot Reloader
reloads your modules as needed so that you can have satisfyingly fast feedback loop when developing your app
Chimera flutter code push
Official Git of flutter code-push made by Chimera inc. If you want to get more info or seek for biz corporation, you can contact [email protected]
👀 Rizla builds, runs and monitors your Go Applications with ease. See for Iris users.
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Template Rwb
A full-featured Webpack setup with hot-reload
React Refresh Webpack Plugin
A Webpack plugin to enable "Fast Refresh" (also previously known as Hot Reloading) for React components.
Universal React+GraphQL starter kit: React 16, Apollo 2, MobX, Emotion, Webpack 4, GraphQL Code Generator, React Router 4, PostCSS, SSR
V2 Universal Js Hmr Ssr React Redux
⚡ (V2) Universal JS - Server Side Rendering, Code Splitting and Hot Module Reloading ⚡
Awesome Chrome Extension Boilerplate
Use react + typescript + webpack to enhance your chrome extension development experience
Hot Reload All The Things
Starter project for HMR with backend routes and server/client-side react.
Modern Monorepo Boilerplate
Modern Monorepo Boilerplate with Lerna, TypeScript, React/CRA, HMR, Jest, ESLint/TypeScript.
hotfix for go applications via plugin, supports Linux and MacOS
Shadow Cljs
ClojureScript compilation made easy
Hot reloading as a Swift Package
Sass Vars Loader
Use Sass variables defined in Webpack config or in external Javascript or JSON files
Node Hot Loader
Hot module replacement (hot reload) for Node.js applications. Develop without server restarting.
Next Express Bootstrap Boilerplate
⚡️ JavaScript boilerplate for a full stack app built using React.js, Next.js, Express.js, react-bootstrap, SCSS and full SSR with eslint.
Babel Plugin Functional Hmr
Babel plugin enables HMR for functional components in React Native.
Allow runtime modification of JavaFX CSS
⚛️ – :atom: – ⚛️ Boilerplate for cross platform web/native react apps with electron.
Boot Reload
Boot task providing live-reload of browser css, images, etc.
In-app live reloading for Avalonia applications.
Extracted Loader
It reloads extracted stylesheets extracted with ExtractTextPlugin
Universal Hmr Ssr React Redux
⚡A Universal Javascript App Utilizing Express, Webpack, React, Redux and React Router with Server Side Rendering and Hot Module Reloading ⚡
Vue2 Web
graceful http server for golang. (平滑重启)
Boot Figreload
Boot task providing live-reload using Fighweel client
⛄️ No-bundle Dev Server for ES modules with deno.
React Pwa Webpack Starter
Boilerplate to build a React PWA with Webpack + Workbox
Hot Reload.vim
A (Neo)vim plugin for Flutter to automatically hot reload the project every time a file is saved
Got Reload
Reload Go code in a running process at function/method level granularity, using Yaegi
Example project - "Hot Reloading 4 RequireJS" front-end web applications & some extra code demonstrating hot-reloading for Node.js Express servers
Webpack Dev Server
Serves a webpack app. Updates the browser on changes. Documentation
Svelte Redux Shopping Cart
Example Shopping Cart App using Svelte, Redux, and Webpack
cr.h: A Simple C Hot Reload Header-only Library
Systemjs Hmr
Hot Module Replacement for SystemJS
Proxy Hot Reload
Node.js application hot reload with `Proxy`.
Boot React
A starter application with spring boot and react
Nth Start Project
Startkit for HTML / CSS / JS pages layout.
Cp Ddd Framework
A lightweight flexible development framework for complex business architecture with full ecosystem!轻量级业务中台开发框架,中台架构的顶层设计和完整解决方案!
JEngine是针对Unity开发者设计的开箱即用的框架,封装了强大的功能,小白也能快速上手,轻松制作可以热更新的游戏 | JEngine is a streamlined and easy-to-use framework designed for Unity Programmers which contains powerful features, beginners can start up quickly and making hot update-able games easily
load and run golang code at runtime. (WARNING: this repo has not been maintained for a long time, please take a look at
Angular Electron
Ultra-fast bootstrapping with Angular and Electron (Typescript + SASS + Hot Reload) 🚤
Angular Hmr
🔥 Angular Hot Module Replacement for Hot Module Reloading
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