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A lightweight scroll animation javascript library without any dependency
React Scroll Sync
Synced scroll position across multiple scrollable elements
Vue Scroll
Scroll directive on vue
↕️ VegaScroll is a lightweight animation flowlayout for UICollectionView completely written in Swift 4, compatible with iOS 11 and Xcode 9.
React Scroll Shadow
Pure CSS shadow to indicate more content in scrollable area
React World
✨🌌 A different web experience in 8 bit React.js World
React Native Swiper Flatlist
👆 Swiper component implemented with FlatList using Hooks & Typescript + strict automation tests with Detox
React Native Stretchy
🤸‍♀️A ReactNative scrollable stretchy header component
V Bar
The virtual responsive crossbrowser scrollbar component for VueJS 2x
React Native Text Ticker
React Native Text Ticker/Marquee Component
Static publishing software with a newspaper feel built on Tree Notation. Scroll is public domain software.
Stickybits is a lightweight alternative to `position: sticky` polyfills 🍬
Vue Wxchat
❗❗ vue.js仿微信聊天界面展示组件(可滚动加载)。A WeChat chat display component.
React Indiana Drag Scroll
React component which implements scrolling via holding the mouse button or touch
Scroll Snap
↯ Snap page when user stops scrolling, with a customizable configuration and a consistent cross browser behaviour
Infinite Scroll (Endless Scrolling) for RecyclerView in Android
React Remove Scroll
Removes and disables 📜in a "React" way
React Focus On
🎯 Solution for WAI ARIA compatible modal dialogs or full-screen tasks, you were looking for
Scroll Js
Light cross-browser scroller that uses native javascript
An extension to RecyclerView which will snap to child Views to the specified anchor, START, CENTER or END.
Horizontal Scroll
Horizontal scroll with inertia
listloading是一个移动端的上拉、下拉加载更多的组件。主要依赖于iscroll.js v5.1.2基础上开发的组件,基础库可以使用jquery.js或者zepto.js操作dom节点,目前我是使用了zepto.js作为基础库操作dom,以jquery插件的形式存在。如果不想以插件方式使用,则只需要把listloading直接移植你需要的库里面就ok啦。listloading主要针对移动端而生,在使用浏览器自带滚动,用户体验很不友好,与Android和ios差别甚远,所以选择iscroll.js,它实现方式是使用css3动画translate 3D 转换来实现滚动效果,transform属性使用硬件加速,性能方法得到很大提高。
Detect element visibility in the browser
An optimized approach to lists with dozens of elements and a Pooling system
🛸 Light weight library to observe the viewport scroll position
Ngx Ui Scroll
Infinite/virtual scroll for Angular
React Scrollchor
A React component for scroll to `#hash` links with smooth animations
React Locky
"🔒-y" – Asgardian God of Event Scoping 📦, Scroll Locking 📜, Silence Casting 🙊
Vue Prlx
🔮 Vue.js parallax directive you were looking for (can animate translate & background-position)
React Native Directed Scrollview
UNMAINTAINED- see below. A natively implemented scrollview component which lets you specify different scroll directions for child content.
React Video Scroll
A React component to seek or control the video frame rate on scroll.
React Scroll Parallax
🔮 React components to create parallax scroll effects for banners, images or any other DOM elements
Footer Reveal
A jQuery plugin for easy implementation of the 'fixed/reveal' footer effect. Demo here:
Custom scroll with inertia, smooth parallax and scenes manager
Jquery Scrolllock
Locks mouse wheel scroll inside container, preventing it from propagating to parent element
A tiny, lightweight jQuery plugin that creates scroll progress bar on the page.
Svelte Infinite Scroll
Infinite Scroll Component to Svelte
Pd Select
vue components ,like ios 3D picker style,vue 3d 选择器组件,3D滚轮
Vue Gemini Scrollbar
Custom overlay-scrollbars with native scrolling mechanism for web applications基于原生滚动机制的自定义滚动条
Vue List Scroller
Simple and easy to use Vue.js component for efficient rendering large lists
Simple and tiny JavaScript library that adds parallax animations on any images
Simple & lightweight (<4kb gzipped) vanilla JavaScript library to create smooth & beautiful animations when you scroll.
React Bscroll
inspired by betterscroll, and fullfilled by React
React Scroll Section
React library to provide a declarative scroll to between sections
Infinite Webl Gallery
Infinite Auto-Scrolling Gallery using WebGL and GLSL Shaders.
micro library for drag-n-drop scrolling style
Remember Scroll
🎯 A plugin using localStorage to remember element scroll-position when closed the page.
Scroll Snap Carousel
Carousel based on CSS Scroll Snap functionality
🔮 Animated scrolling to certain point or anchor
iOS 7+ Calendar (Date Picker) with Infinite Scrolling.
Nice Anim
An animate on scroll Web Component built with StencilJS
Eager Image Loader
The eager-loading for image files on the web page that loads the files according to your plan. This differs from the lazy-loading, for example, this can be used to avoid that the user waits for the loading.
Infinite Ajax Scroll
Turn your existing pagination into infinite scrolling pages with ease
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