Top 41 commit open source projects

❗️ Go to the first (initial) commit of any GitHub repo
Add And Commit
Add & commit files from a path directly from GitHub Actions
Git History
Quickly browse the history of a file from any git repository
Git Commit Style Guide
Make git commit message more readable and useful.
Padroes De Commits
📄 Padrão de commits para repositórios.
💬Git add, commit, push with Conventional Commits and Gitmoji.
Emoji Commit Messages
🌵 A fun paradigm to encourage cleaner commits.
Cocoa editor for creating commit messages
Action Download Artifact
⚙️ A GitHub Action to download an artifact associated with given workflow and commit or other criteria
Changelog Ci
Changelog CI is a GitHub Action that generates changelog, Then the changelog is committed and/or commented to the release Pull request.
Vscode Git Semantic Commit
💬 A Visual Studio Code extension which enables to commit simply by the semantic message conventions
Commit Style Guide
📝 Padrão de commit para repositórios com título e corpo.
Life Commit
🏃📆 Life as a git. Commit on your life.
Git Stack
Compare against master branch with fzf
Git hooks made easy 🐶 woof!
A Vim plugin for more pleasant editing on commit messages
Bump updates the project's version, updates/creates the changelog, makes the bump commit, tags the bump commit and makes the release to GitHub. Opinionated but configurable.
Git Fame
Pretty-print `git` repository collaborators sorted by contributions.
fake commit
A git fake commit generator to make those github squares green
📖✨ Allows you to commit following custom rules or conventions easily
A PHP library for creating and validating commit messages according to the Conventional Commits specification. Includes a CaptainHook plugin!
(!! moved to tunnckoCore/opensource !! try `parse-commit-message@canary`) Parse, stringify or validate a commit messages that follows Conventional Commits Specification
Enjoy a meme after every git commit
🍴 Indispensable git commands for everyday use
vscode一款git 规范化提交插件
Automatically transfer issues in pipeline by commit message
🔀 semantic-release plugin to commit release assets to the project's git repository
🗒️ ✏️Posts the most recent commit messages from a Perforce version control server to a Discord channel.
Commit semantics is a git aliases installation script to follow a fix format for commits
A simple Git commit message editor for Gnome.
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