Top 90 semantic open source projects

Semantic Ui
Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language.
Semantic filesystem for Linux, with relation reasoner, autotagging plugins and a deduplication service
Fuzzy and semantic search for captioned YouTube videos.
Xdxf makedict
XDXF — a dictionary format, that stores word definitions that are free from representation
Semantic version library written in ANSI C
Bootstrap Table
An extended table to integration with some of the most widely used CSS frameworks. (Supports Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Bulma, Material Design, Foundation, Vue.js)
A highly semantic WordPress Theme with HTML5 templates, responsive and seo optimized. SemPress supports most of the new HTML5 tags, the new HTML5 input-types, microformats, microformats v2 and microdata (
njsscan is a semantic aware SAST tool that can find insecure code patterns in your Node.js applications.
Idea Conventional Commit
Context and template-based completion for conventional/semantic commits.
Wandora is a general purpose information extraction, management and publishing application based on Topic Maps and Java.
Eao Slam
[IROS 2020] EAO-SLAM: Monocular Semi-Dense Object SLAM Based on Ensemble Data Association
Open Semantic Entity Search Api
Open Source REST API for named entity extraction, named entity linking, named entity disambiguation, recommendation & reconciliation of entities like persons, organizations and places for (semi)automatic semantic tagging & analysis of documents by linked data knowledge graph like SKOS thesaurus, RDF ontology, database(s) or list(s) of names
Awesome Xcode Scripts
A curated list of useful xcode scripts 📝 .
Simple CSS library for semantic HTML markup
Graceful & Minimal CSS design system in pure semantic HTML
An integrated environment to support collaborative ontology / vocabulary development in distributed settings
The CSS framework built for any kind of task
React Semantic Toasts
React Semantic UI notifications library
Cube slam wu
Cube SLAM 个人注释版
"Autonomie" is a highly semantic, responsive, accessible and search engine optimized WordPress Theme. It provides HTML5 templates refined with microformats, microformats v2 and microdata ( "Autonomie" supports a lot of OpenWeb plugins and is fully IndieWeb compatible.
Openllet is an OWL 2 reasoner in Java, build on top of Pellet.
Text Analytics With Python
Learn how to process, classify, cluster, summarize, understand syntax, semantics and sentiment of text data with the power of Python! This repository contains code and datasets used in my book, "Text Analytics with Python" published by Apress/Springer.
neonion is a user-centered collaborative semantic annotation webapp developed at the Human-Centered Computing group at Freie Universität Berlin.
Functional Meaning Representation and Semantic Parsing Framework
Generic Syntax
A Scope-and-Type Safe Universe of Syntaxes with Binding, Their Semantics and Proofs
Visual-Inertial-Semantic-MApping Dataset and tools
Automatic Release
Automates the release process for GitHub projects.
IEML semantic language - a meaning-representation system based on semantic primitives and a regular grammar. Basic semantic relationships between concepts are automatically computed from syntactic similarities.
Css Naked
Show off your sexy `<body>`!
Library to read, analyze, transform and generate Scala programs
A Kitti Road Segmentation model implemented in tensorflow.
An atom package to color your queries!
Visual slam related research
视觉(语义) SLAM 相关研究跟踪
Take control of what is going to be your next release.
Standard Version
🏆 Automate versioning and CHANGELOG generation, with and
Superpoint graph
Large-scale Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation with Superpoint Graphs
Multi Human Parsing
🔥🔥Official Repository for Multi-Human-Parsing (MHP)🔥🔥
Lidar Bonnetal
Semantic and Instance Segmentation of LiDAR point clouds for autonomous driving
Semantic suma
SuMa++: Efficient LiDAR-based Semantic SLAM (Chen et al IROS 2019)
Svg Screenshots
📸🧩 Browser extension to take scalable, semantic, accessible screenshots of websites in SVG format.
Open Semantic Search
Open Source research tool to search, browse, analyze and explore large document collections by Semantic Search Engine and Open Source Text Mining & Text Analytics platform (Integrates ETL for document processing, OCR for images & PDF, named entity recognition for persons, organizations & locations, metadata management by thesaurus & ontologies, search user interface & search apps for fulltext search, faceted search & knowledge graph)
Schema Generator
PHP Model Scaffolding from and other RDF vocabularies
🔗 Semantic MediaWiki turns MediaWiki into a knowledge management platform with query and export capabilities
Shiny support for powerful Semantic UI library.
Native Css
Convert pure CSS to React Style or javascript literal objects.
Erfnet pytorch
Pytorch code for semantic segmentation using ERFNet
ROPium is a tool that helps you building ROP exploits by finding and chaining gadgets together
Semantic Ui Wordpress
This project incorporates Semantic UI into a starter (aka developer) theme for WordPress.
Storing ontologies/vocabularies from the web. Wish anybody can translate some of them.
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