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Top 27 microservice-framework open source projects

API Generator - instantly generate REST and GraphQL APIs (openapi (OAS) 3.0.0)
Java libraries for writing microservices
Php Msf
PHP微服务框架即Micro Service Framework For PHP
Microservices With Lumen
A Lumen based microservice ready to deploy with guzzle for consumption of api and OAuth 2
I/O and Microservice library for Scala
Rapidpm Microservice
A base implementation for a microservice
Microservices Framework Benchmark
Raw benchmarks on throughput, latency and transfer of Hello World on popular microservices frameworks
Puzzle Js
⚡ Micro frontend framework for scalable and blazing fast websites.
Lightweight open-source framework for developing microservices using standard Java EE technologies and migrating Java EE to cloud-native architecture.
Framework for building distributed services with Web Assembly
Stateless microservice for on-the-fly thumbs and conversions of a wide variety of file types, utilizing conversion graph.
MIF is a C++11 web-application framework designed for the backend micro-service development
🚀 Progressive microservices framework for Go - based and compatible with
a minimalist toolkit for building scalable, fault tolerant and eventually-consistent microservices
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