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A very simple webhook server launching shell scripts.
Hotels server
Api on rails
Learn best practices to build an API using Ruby on Rails 5/6
APIs REST simulando loja virtual para servir de estudo de testes de API de forma manual ou automatizada
GraphQL to REST converter: automatically generate a RESTful API from your existing GraphQL API
Js Client
A Open-API derived JS + Node.js API client for Netlify
A minimal framework to build web apps; with handler chaining, middleware support; and most of all standard library compliant HTTP handlers(i.e. http.HandlerFunc).
Aurora Api Project
Aurora is a project developed in .NET Core, where it aims to show how to create something using an architecture, in layers, simple and approaching, in a simplistic way, some concepts such as DDD.
write APIs using direct SQL queries with no hassle, let's rethink about SQL
Go Relax
Framework for building RESTful API's in Go
A tool for automatically generating system-level test cases. Currently targeting REST APIs.
No bullshit temporary mail service written in Go
Dubbo Go Pixiu
Based on the proxy gateway service of dubbo-go, it solves the problem that the external protocol calls the internal Dubbo cluster. At present, it supports HTTP and gRPC[developing].
Api to manage Bind Name Server
Open control of Carrier/Bryant thermostats
Repositorio OpenInvoicePeru, API REST para la Facturación Electrónica del Perú
NPlusMiner + GUI | NVIDIA/AMD/CPU miner | AI | Autoupdate | MultiRig remote management
Katana project is a FastAPI template for ASAP 🚀 ML API deployment
Dotnet Template Onion
Onion Architecture with .NET 5/.NET Core and CQRS/Event Sourcing following a DDD approach
Aceql Http
AceQL HTTP is a framework of REST like http APIs that allow to access to remote SQL databases over http from any device that supports http.
Awesome Apistar
A curated list of awesome packages, articles, and other cool resources from the API Star community.
Molten Boilerplate
A boilerplate for the molten framework by Bogdanp
A transport agnostic sync/async RPC library that focuses on exposing services with a well-defined API using popular protocols.
Gympoint Api
Rest API of a gym management application - built with Express, Postgres, Redis, and Nodemailer.
Ryuzaki bot
Simple chatbot in Python using NLTK and scikit-learn
Notes App
Node.js application - simple notes management using Express, Postgres, Objection.js, Docker,, Bluebird Promises
Esta es una api de Geocodificación, para que, con las coordenadas Latitud y Longitud se entregue una lista de ciudades cercanas.
Twitch misc
Misc. Twitch bits and pieces
Add content management functionality to any site - plug & play / headless / api-first CMS
Swagger/OpenAPI First framework for Python on top of Flask with automatic endpoint validation & OAuth2 support
Python Api Checklist
Useful checklist for building good Python library APIs, based on "How to make a good library API" PyCon 2017 talk.
Candy Api
GetCandy E-Commerce API
Trefle Api
🍀 Trefle is a botanical JSON REST API for plants species, allowing you to search and query over all the registered species, and build the next gardening apps and farming robots.
An easy to use Natural Language Processing library and framework for predicting, training, fine-tuning, and serving up state-of-the-art NLP models.
Hubspot Php
HubSpot PHP API Client
A high-performance REST toolkit written in C++
Sticker is a powerful yet boilerplate-free alternative to writing your web API.
The target of this framework is to help in all the needs of a full featured API REST, from top to bottom, and at the same time having the best possible performance and security.
Basic CRUD api using Rust / Tide / Sqlx / Postgresql
Interactive Space App . Attention Contributers! join discord server for discussion of Issues, Pull requests
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