Top 505 crystal open source projects

1. Awesome Crystal
💎 A collection of awesome Crystal libraries, tools, frameworks and software
2. Igcolorpicker
A customizable color picker for iOS in Swift
3. Granite
ORM Model with Adapters for mysql, pg, sqlite in the Crystal Language.
4. Sentry
Build/Runs your crystal application, watches files, and rebuilds/restarts app on file changes
✭ 239
5. App Servers
App Servers benchmarked for: Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Dart, Elixir, Java, Crystal, Nim, GO, Rust
Minimum High Performance Middleware for Crystal Web Server.
7. Crystal Patterns
📖 Examples of GOF patterns written in Crystal
✭ 228
8. Clear
Advanced ORM between postgreSQL and Crystal
9. Crystal Db
Common db api for crystal
✭ 213
10. Graphql Crystal
a graphql implementation for crystal
✭ 210
11. Slang
Slim-inspired templating language for Crystal
12. Hoop
Building native OSX apps.
✭ 196
13. Vscode Crystal Lang
Yet another VSCode extension for Crystal Programming Language
14. Celestite
Beautifully reactive, server-side rendered Svelte apps w/ a Crystal backend
15. Amber
A Crystal web framework that makes building applications fast, simple, and enjoyable. Get started with quick prototyping, less bugs, and blazing fast performance.
16. Active
Active Record pattern implementation for Crystal.
✭ 188
17. Charly
🐈 The Charly Programming Language | Written by @KCreate
Qt5 bindings for Crystal, based on Bindgen
19. Axentro
To be the go to platform for building dApps quickly and cheaply for business and gaming
20. Immutable
Thread-safe, persistent, immutable collections for the Crystal language
21. Kemalyst
A rails like framework based on kemal
22. Crest
HTTP and REST client for Crystal
23. Neph
A modern command line job processor, similar with make command
24. Raze
Modular, light web framework for Crystal
✭ 173
25. Cadmium
Natural Language Processing (NLP) library for Crystal
26. Kamber
Static site server (basically blogs) with Crystal Language
✭ 171
27. Jwt
JWT implementation in Crystal
✭ 171
Crystal-lang bindings for libui
✭ 169
29. Lucky
A full-featured Crystal web framework that catches bugs for you, runs incredibly fast, and helps you write code that lasts.
30. Compile To Web
Discover what languages can be compiled to Web Assembly
31. Read Rust
Read Rust allows you to keep up with articles about the Rust programming language.
32. Halite
💎HTTP Requests Client with a chainable REST API, built-in sessions and middlewares.
33. Mosquito
A generic background task runner for crystal applications supporting periodic (CRON) and manually queued jobs
34. Myhtml
Fast HTML5 Parser with css selectors for Crystal language
Rack proxy server for development (Crystal port)
✭ 142
37. Fast Http Server
Super fast, zero configuration command line HTTP Server.
✭ 142
38. Bindgen
Binding and wrapper generator for C/C++ libraries
✭ 140
39. Baked file system
Virtual File System for Crystal language. Embedding your assets into final binary.
✭ 139
40. Fast Crystal
💨 Writing Fast Crystal 😍 -- Collect Common Crystal idioms.
✭ 140
41. Grip
The microframework for writing powerful web applications.
42. Discordcr
Minimalist Discord library for Crystal. (Still WIP, but usable)
43. Sdl2 Examples
Examples for getting started with SDL2, for over 12 different programming languages
44. Card game
An demo app for lattice-core
✭ 136
45. Http
An opinionated framework for scalable web 🌎
46. Gesi
Google Sheets ESI Add-on
47. Spider Gazelle
A Rails esque web framework with a focus on speed and extensibility for crystal lang
✭ 134
48. Crystalline
A Language Server Protocol implementation for Crystal. 🔮
✭ 131
49. Oq
A performant, and portable jq wrapper to facilitate the consumption and output of formats other than JSON; using jq filters to transform the data.
50. Kilt
Generic template interface for Crystal
✭ 130
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