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Api Security Checklist
Checklist of the most important security countermeasures when designing, testing, and releasing your API
项目基于 Spring Boot 2.1.0 、 Jpa、 Spring Security、redis、Vue的前后端分离的后台管理系统,项目采用分模块开发方式, 权限控制采用 RBAC,支持数据字典与数据权限管理,支持一键生成前后端代码,支持动态路由
A simple and efficient open-source security framework that focus on protection of restful api.
🔥Authing - IDaaS/IAM solution that can Auth to web and mobile applications.
Full Stack Fastapi Couchbase
Full stack, modern web application generator. Using FastAPI, Couchbase as database, Docker, automatic HTTPS and more.
Api Generator
PHP-code generator for Laravel framework, with complete support of JSON-API data format
JSON Web Token library
Microservices Platform
Lazy Mock
Safe, simple and fast JSON Web Tokens for Go
Go Jwt Postgres Mysql Restful Api
This is an API built with golang, jwt, gorm, postgresql, mysql
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Erlang Jose
JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) for Erlang and Elixir
JWT utilities module based on the jsonwebtoken package 🔓
Frank jwt
JSON Web Token implementation in Rust.
Angular2 Jwt
Helper library for handling JWTs in Angular 2+ apps
Laravel Jwt
Dead simple, plug and play JWT API Authentication for Laravel (5.4+)
⚡ HTTP/2 Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) push provider for Go — Send push notifications to iOS, tvOS, Safari and OSX apps, using the APNs HTTP/2 protocol.
Authentication for microservices.
Jwt Authentication without ASP.NET Core Identity
A really simple library to generate JSON Web Tokens in PHP.
🌱 Simple samples that use Ocelot to build API Gateway.
A Swift & iOS framework to authenticate using Auth0 and with a Native Look & Feel
Php Jwt
Ultra lightweight, dependency free and standalone JSON web token (JWT) library for PHP5.6 to PHP8.0. This library makes JWT a cheese.
The ultimate Python library in building OAuth, OpenID Connect clients and servers. JWS,JWE,JWK,JWA,JWT included.
Microservice Scaffold
基于Spring Cloud(Greenwich.SR2)搭建的微服务脚手架(适用于在线系统),已集成注册中心(Nacos Config)、配置中心(Nacos Discovery)、认证授权(Oauth 2 + JWT)、日志处理(ELK + Kafka)、限流熔断(AliBaba Sentinel)、应用指标监控(Prometheus + Grafana)、调用链监控(Pinpoint)、以及Spring Boot Admin。
Spring Reddit Clone
Reddit clone built using Spring Boot, Spring Security with JPA Authentication, Spring Data JPA with MySQL, Spring MVC. The frontend is built using Angular - You can find the frontend source code here -
Php Jwt
🌀 A PHP extension for JSON Web Token (JWT)
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Auth Jwt
A demo to learn JWT by reverse engineering
Jwt Spring Security Jpa
Backend MVP showcasing JWT (Json Web Token) authentication with multiple login, timeout / refresh / logout (with in memory invalidation) using Spring Security & MySQL JPA.
Instant Graphql for MongoDb (active branch is golang, rewrite in process)
Actix Web Rest Api With Jwt
A simple CRUD backend app using Actix-web, Diesel and JWT
Express Graphql Boilerplate
Express GraphQL API with JWT Authentication and support for sqlite, mysql, and postgresql
Koa Vue Notes Web
🤓 This is a simple SPA built using Koa as the backend, Vue as the first frontend, and React as the second frontend. Features MySQL integration, user authentication, CRUD note actions, and Vuex store modules.
Gin 学习示例代码
👕 👖 📦 A sample web and mobile application built with Node, Express, React, React Native, Redux and GraphQL. Very basic replica of / (allows users to get monthly subscription of trendy clothes and accessories).
Nextjs Jwt Authentication
A proof of concept app for demonstrating authentication of Next.js app with JWT.
Spring Webflux Security Jwt
A JWT authorization and authentication implementation with Spring Reactive Webflux, Spring Boot 2 and Spring Security 5
Sanic Jwt
Authentication, JWT, and permission scoping for Sanic
基于token验证的Java Web权限控制框架,使用jjwt,支持redis和db多种存储方式,可用于前后端分离项目,功能完善、使用简单、易于扩展。
医院预约挂号微信小程序(Spring Boot、Vue、Uni-app)
Jwt Decode
Decode JWT tokens; useful for browser applications.
A CPU-based JSON Web Token (JWT) cracker and - to some extent - scanner.
Febs Vue
SpringBoot,Shiro,JWT,Vue & Ant Design 前后端分离权限管理系统(精力有限,停止维护)
Fast integration dependencies in spring boot.是一个快速集成依赖的框架,集成了一些常用公共的依赖。例:多数据源,Redis,JWT...
Spring Boot Plus
🔥 Spring-Boot-Plus is a easy-to-use, high-speed, high-efficient,feature-rich, open source spring boot scaffolding. 🚀
Jwt Hack
🔩 jwt-hack is tool for hacking / security testing to JWT. Supported for En/decoding JWT, Generate payload for JWT attack and very fast cracking(dict/brutefoce)
Doorkeeper Jwt
JWT Token support for Doorkeeper
Wp Graphql Jwt Authentication
Authentication for WPGraphQL using JWT (JSON Web Tokens)
Laravel Vue Spa
SPA Boilerplate made with Laravel 5.6, Vue 2, Bootstrap 4, Vue-router 3, Vuex 3, Axios
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