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MIPP is a portable wrapper for SIMD instructions written in C++11. It supports NEON, SSE, AVX and AVX-512.
Bus 是一个基础框架、服务套件,它基于Java8编写,参考、借鉴了大量已有框架、组件的设计,可以作为后端服务的开发基础中间件。代码简洁,架构清晰,非常适合学习使用。
Echarts Php
Echarts-PHP a PHP library that works as a wrapper for the Echarts js library
Nimterop is a Nim package that aims to make C/C++ interop seamless
Swifty, modern UIAlertController wrapper.
Await Of
await wrapper for easier errors handling without try-catch
Marker tracking using the front-facing camera of HoloLens (both 1 and 2) and Unity, with a wrapper of ARToolKit built for UWP (Windows Universal Platform)
The Hunspell binding for NodeJS that exposes as much of Hunspell as possible and also adds new features. Hunspell is a first class spellcheck library used by Google, Apple, and Mozilla.
Python wrapper for the Zendesk API
Api struct
API wrapper builder with response serialization
Scikit Geometry
Scientific Python Geometric Algorithms Library
Cacheable Request
Wrap native HTTP requests with RFC compliant cache support
Material Ripple
Android L Ripple effect wrapper for Views
Node Fb Messenger
✉️ Facebook Messenger Platform Node.js API Wrapper
Flutter wrapper
Flutter execution wrapper which keeps the flutter version in sync for each project
Mailjet Apiv3 Php
[API v3] Mailjet PHP Wrapper
Preference wrappers for primitive types for Android
A wrapper of Windows APIs for Go
Uniswap Python
🦄 The unofficial Python client for the Uniswap exchange.
Testura.Code is a wrapper around the Roslyn API and used for generation, saving and compiling C# code. It provides methods and helpers to generate classes, methods, statements and expressions.
An unofficial python wrapper for the Facebook face recognition endpoint
Java ffmpeg and ffprobe command-line wrapper
A modern database abstraction layer, batteries included.
Qt5 bindings for Crystal, based on Bindgen
A simple wrapper that does winetricks things for Proton enabled games, requires Winetricks.
Wikipedia Interface for Node.js
Android pagination library (updated 01.05.2018)
🚀⚡ Kotlin SharedPreferences wrapper & cryptographic preferences android library.
Keras Multi Head
A wrapper layer for stacking layers horizontally
.NET bindings for libuv
A Kotlin wrapper for Typesafe Config
React Openlayers
OpenLayer React Components
A simple wrapper of TensorFlow for Converting, Importing (and Soon, Training) Images in tensorflow.
Spaces Api
An API wrapper for DigitalOcean's Spaces object storage designed for easy use.
Mailchimp Api
Super-simple, minimum abstraction MailChimp API v3 wrapper, in PHP
Apriltag ros
A ROS wrapper of the AprilTag 3 visual fiducial detector
Automated brute-forcing attack tool.
Zstd Rs
A rust binding for the zstd compression library.
Desktop Google Keep Osx
A Super Simple Desktop Client for Mac OSX Built in Javascript and MacGap
Py Kaldi Asr
Some simple wrappers around kaldi-asr intended to make using kaldi's (online) decoders as convenient as possible.
Minimal-overhead C++ wrapper for Lua
Python Overpy
Python Wrapper to access the Overpass API
Vue Axios
A small wrapper for integrating axios to Vuejs
Header-only C++17 wrapper for OpenGL 4.6 Core Profile.
Coinbasepro Csharp
The unofficial .NET/C# client library for the Coinbase Pro/GDAX API
A fully typed LMDB/MDBX wrapper with minimum overhead
Youtube Music
🎵 A Mac app wrapper for
☁️ Downloads videos and metadata with youtube-dl and moves each file on completion to an rclone remote
Pacman-like syntax wrapper for many package managers.
Asana Api Php Class
A dependency free, lightweight PHP class that acts as wrapper for Asana API. Lets make things fast and easy! :)
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Mailjet Apiv3 Nodejs
[API v3] Official Mailjet API v3 NodeJS wrapper
Python Twitch Client
Python wrapper for Twitch API
Angular Diff Match Patch
An AngularJS wrapper for google-diff-match-patch
MastodonKit is a Swift Framework that wraps Mastodon's API
libfaketime modifies the system time for a single application
A C++ binding/wrapper library for the Duktape JavaScript interpreter.
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