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Build Your Own X
🤓 Build your own (insert technology here)
A collection of JavaFX tutorials from my channel on YouTube
Curated resources for newbies to get started with programming, open source, cyber security and many more fields.
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Awesome Carla
👉 CARLA resources such as tutorial, blog, code and etc
Unity Shader Basics Tutorial
A introduction into creating shaders for Unity
Wai Tutorials
W3C WAI’s Web Accessibility Tutorials
End-to-End Object Detection Framework - Pluggable to any Training Library: Fastai, Pytorch-Lightning with more to come
Mongodb Quickstart Course
Course demos and handout material for Talk Python's MongoDB Quickstart course
Understanding tensorflow nn
🔮Getting started with TensorFlow: Classifying Text with Neural Networks
Free opensource Learning Resources related to Web-Development A to Z 🔥❤
Here you will find Guides mainly for Sonarr/Radarr/Bazarr and everything related to it.
Git Recipes
🥡 Git recipes in Chinese by Zhongyi Tong. 高质量的Git中文教程.
Ml Lessons
Intro to deep learning for medical imaging lesson, by
Tutorials and Things to Do while Hunting Vulnerability.
Kernel Exploit Tech
Linux Kernel exploitation Tutorial.
📖 Community driven web development tutorials
Nodejs Roadmap
【🔥持续更新中】Node.js 实战学习路线
Jina examples and demos to help you get started
Judo Heroes 2
Universal Javascript sample application with React Router 4 and Express 5 (Enhanced version of
Webgl Month
🎓 Daily WebGL tutorials
Introductions to key concepts in quantum machine learning, as well as tutorials and implementations from cutting-edge QML research.
Antlr Mega Tutorial
This is the companion repository of the ANTLR Mega Tutorial, that will explain everything you need to know to use ANTLR.
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Continual Learning tutorials and demo running on Google Colaboratory.
An organized list of guides and tutorials for design, development, and system administration.
Javascriptstuff Db
Lists of JavaScript resources: tools, tutorials, starter projects, example code, etc.
Flask Sqlalchemy Tutorial
🐍 ℹ️ Create and manage data in your Flask app via a SQL database.
Pharo Wiki
Wiki related to the Pharo programming language and environment.
Bids Starter Kit
Collection of tutorials, wikis, and templates to get you started with creating BIDS compliant datasets
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Some Ios Tutorials With Swift Cn
Translate some iOS tutorials with Swift in Chinese
Future Of Phishing With less delay
Scrapy guru
Everybody can be scrapy guru
Best Android Tutorials
Best Free Android Tutorials By MindOrks
a Slack bot that kicks asses (roundhouse-kicks to be accurate...)
Kubernetes Ops
Running Kubernetes in production
Git Cheats
Git Cheats - Interactive Cheatsheet For Git Commands
Learn Tensorflow Sharp
TensorflowSharp tutors and examples.
2018 19 Classes - 🎒 💻 Material for Computer Club Classes
Awesome Gsoc Roadmap
A comprehensive curated list of available GSOC 2020 Guides, Write-ups and Tutorials 🤠 🏆
Machine learning lectures
Collection of lectures and lab lectures on machine learning and deep learning. Lab practices in Python and TensorFlow.
Iqx User Guide
The users guide for the IBM Q experience
Awesome Jamstack
📔 Curated list of resources: books, videos, articles, speaker decks, tools about using the JAMstack (A modern web development architecture for creating fast, secure and dynamic websites)
Quantum Algorithms Tutorials
Tutorials for Quantum Algorithms with Qiskit implementations.
Lab Workshops
Materials for workshops on text mining, machine learning, and data visualization
Tutorials, datasets, and other material associated with textbook "A First Course in Network Science" by Menczer, Fortunato & Davis
My First Bitcoin Miner
For the curious minds who want to understand how Bitcoin Blockchain works!
Bootstrap5 Website
Archivos para poder seguir el tutorial para crear tu primer sitio web con Boostrap 5
The Ultimate Workshop Track for #golang Developer
Sketchup Ruby Api Tutorials
SketchUp Ruby API Tutorials and Examples
React Lessons
Tool for creating and taking interactive React tutorials
Opencv Java Tutorials
Source for the OpenCV with Java tutorials
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