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Highlight Selected
Highlights the current word selected when double clicking
Vue Text Highlight
Text highlighter library for Vue.js 💄
Android library to showcase/highlight the multiple views on same overlay
📚 A Swift ePub reader and parser framework for iOS.
Hexo Prism Plugin
Hexo plugin for code highlighting by prism.js, supporting JSX syntax
Vue Highlight.js
📜 Highlight.js syntax highlighter component for Vue.
💥 Highlight any code, in a colorful way. (seriously 700 bytes)
Folioreader Android
A Java ePub reader and parser framework for Android.
JavaScript keyword highlighting. Mark text with with options that fit every application. Also available as jQuery plugin.
Geshi 1.0
Original version of Generic Syntax Highlighter for PHP
ChroMATERIAL is an IntelliJ Platform coloring scheme that expresses the chromatic nature of Material Design within IntelliJ and Android Studio. It is intended to highlight the most import aspects of your code.
Highlight Utils
My tools for converting, importing, and processing Kindle, Instapaper, and Safari Books highlights
Hexo Theme Casper
New casper theme ported to hexo.
Vue Prism Component
highlight code using prism.js and vue component
Tag highlight in neovim
Create interactive screencasts inside Jupyter Notebook that anybody can play back
Codeblock Beautifier
A chrome extension for highlighting codes of Medium Articles
Vue Table Dynamic
🎉 A dynamic table with sorting, filtering, editing, pagination, multiple select, etc.
Commonmark Highlighter
Highlight code blocks with league/commonmark
Alfred Hl
🔆 Syntax highlight code in the clipboard
🎨 Lightweight Color Highlight colorizer for Sublime Text
Vscode Highlight
Advanced text highlighter based on regexes. Useful for todos, annotations etc.
Jetbrains IDE plugin: highlight identifiers with custom colors 🖌💡
a neovim syntax highlighter using treesitter
iOS & OSX Syntax Highlighter.
Elm Syntax Highlight
Syntax highlighting in Elm
Yii2 Quill
Yii 2 implementation of Quill, modern WYSIWYG editor
Nord Highlightjs
An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant highlight.js theme.
React Marker
🖍️ Highlight keywords and add colors to your text.
Remark Boilerplate
A boilerplate to create presentations using remark, Gulp, Stylus and more.
Ember Highlight
Highlight a given term(s) inside the `{{highlight-terms}}` component block.
Extract kindle highlights into organised text files
Highlights deltas against git repo in Xcode
Prism React Renderer
🖌️ Renders highlighted Prism output to React (+ theming & vendored Prism)
An atom package to color your queries!
A micro code-editor for awesome web pages.
📠Markdown for Android, supports TextView && EditText (Live Preview), supports code high light.
Highlight Userguideview
用户指引提示view,新特性高亮指示 HighLight
Kov Blog
A blog platform built with koa,vue and mongoose. 使用 koa ,vue 和 mongo 搭建的博客页面和支持markdown语法的博客编写平台,自动保存草稿。博客地址:
Vue Blog
A single-user blog built with vue2, koa2 and mongodb which supports Server-Side Rendering
Range, pattern and substitute preview for Vim
Refined Bitbucket
Chrome and Firefox extension that improves Bitbucket's user experience
A JavaScript library to progressively highlight any text on a page.
Flutter showcaseview
Flutter plugin that allows you to showcase your features on iOS and Android. 👌🔝🎉
🎨 ArtPlayer.js is a modern and full featured HTML5 video player
Blog React
react + Ant Design + 支持 markdown 的博客前台展示
🔆 Highlight bracket pair plugin for intellij
🔄 Tiny JavaScript plugin for highlighting and replacing text in the DOM
(yet another) static site generator. Simple, customisable, fast, maths with KaTeX, code evaluation, optional pre-rendering, in Julia.
IDAPython plugin that synchronizes disassembler and decompiler views
Web Highlighter
✨ A no-runtime dependency lib for text highlighting & persistence on any website ✨🖍️
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