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React Parallax Tilt
👀 Easily apply tilt hover effect on React components - lightweight/zero dependencies
Parallax effect on every item of your RecyclerView.
🔥An android slide menu that supports left and right swipes and slides with parallax.(一个支持左右滑动并带有视差滑动效果的安卓侧滑菜单控件.仿[QQ/探探侧滑])
A lightweight parallax background video solution that behaves like the CSS3 property, background-size: cover
Beautiful iOS side menu library with parallax effect. Written in Swift
React Native Stretchy
🤸‍♀️A ReactNative scrollable stretchy header component
📺 tvOS Button with Parallax Effect (ObjC)
React Parallax Component
Easiest way to add scroll parallax effect on the component
Apple TV Parallax effect in Swift.
Vue Prlx
🔮 Vue.js parallax directive you were looking for (can animate translate & background-position)
React Lazy Hero
⚡️ A hero component for React
React Stickyroll
A react implementation of stickyroll (original)
Flutter Ui Designs
Just collection of UI designs build with flutter. Can run on any mobile, web & desktop.
Universal Tilt.js
🎆 Parallax tilt effect library
React Scroll Parallax
🔮 React components to create parallax scroll effects for banners, images or any other DOM elements
Custom scroll with inertia, smooth parallax and scenes manager
Vue Parallax Js
Tiny vue component that adds a directive for parallax effect on elements.
Parallax scrolling either by offset or automatically.
Android Recycler View with Parallax Effect on each item
Add a motion parallax effect to your SwiftUI views to add some depth to your UI
Rn Falcon App Intro
rn-app-intro is a react native component implementing a parallax effect welcome page using base on react-native-swiper , similar to the one found in Google's app like Sheet, Drive, Docs...
Parallax Vanilla
Seamless and lightweight parallax scrolling library implemented in pure JavaScript utilizing Hardware acceleration for extra performance.
Parallax view for android apps written in Kotlin
Gatsby Starter Portfolio Cara
Playful and Colorful One-Page portfolio featuring Parallax effects and animations. Especially designers and/or photographers will love this theme! Built with MDX and Theme UI.
SwiftyPageController will be helpful to use in many pages controller
Simple and tiny JavaScript library that adds parallax animations on any images
Simple & lightweight (<4kb gzipped) vanilla JavaScript library to create smooth & beautiful animations when you scroll.
Parallax Scrolling
Parallax background
jQuery parallax background plugin based on GSAP
Parallax Layer Layout
Layered parallax effect to any Android views
Cz Parallax
Simple and tiny jQuery plugin for Parallax effect.
Sticky Parallax Header
A simple React Native library, enabling to create a fully custom header for your iOS and Android apps.
Parallax Scroll-Jacking Effects Engine for iOS / tvOS
Vue Parallax
🌌 Vue.js component for parallax image scroll effects
Parallax scrolling jQuery plugin
Smooth Scrolling
smooth scrolling and parallax effects on scroll
Animation library that mimics CSS keyframes when scrolling.
A react native scroll view component with Parallax header :p
React Plx
React parallax component, powerful and lightweight
A sample application show how to realize immersive parallax effect header like Google Play Store
✭ 400
Vue Flux
Image slider which comes with 20 cool transitions
A SwiftUI ScrollView Designed to imitate the App Store and Apple Music ScrollViews (with or without a Parallax Header)
A tiny 60+fps parallax tilt hover effect for jQuery.
Locomotive Scroll
🛤 Detection of elements in viewport & smooth scrolling with parallax.
React Native App Intro
react-native-app-intro is a react native component implementing a parallax effect welcome page using base on react-native-swiper , similar to the one found in Google's app like Sheet, Drive, Docs...
viewpager with parallax pages, together with vertical sliding (or click) and activity transition
React Native Collapsing Toolbar
react-native wrapper for android CollapsingToolbarLayout
Parallax Effect
🤹🏻‍♂️ Parallax effect in javascript using face tracking. An immersive view in 3d with webcam.
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