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Flutter fluid slider
A fluid design slider that works just like the Slider material widget.
roundSlider - A free jQuery plugin
React Flickity Component
A React.js component for using @desandro's Flickity
Vue Glide
A slider and carousel as vue component on top of the Glide.js
A super tiny library to make `<input type='range'>` sliders work better on touch devices
React Native Swiper Flatlist
👆 Swiper component implemented with FlatList using Hooks & Typescript + strict automation tests with Detox
React Slider Kit
react-slider-kit is going to be a comprehensive solution to slider feature in react.
A slider plugin full of various effects and styles that allows any customization. 一款可定制的风格效果多样的轮播图插件。
Vue Infinite Slide Bar
∞ Infinite slide bar component (no dependency and light weight 1.48 KB)
Angular Bootstrap Slider
an angularjs directive for seiyria-bootstrap-slider
Flutter Circular Slider
A customizable circular slider for Flutter.
A custom reusable circular / progress slider control for iOS application.
React Swipes
🔥 基于React的移动端卡片滑动组件
A beautiful and powerful SeekBar what supports single、 range、steps、vetical、custom( 一款美观强大的支持单向、双向范围选择、分步、垂直、高度自定义的SeekBar)
Flutter app
Vue Plain Slider
A simple slider component for Vue.js
🐛 WormTabStrip ViewPager for iOS written in Swift, which gives continuous feedback to the user when scrolling
React Viewport Slider
react-viewport-slider is a react component (obviously) that displays a sequence of contents using 100% of the viewport with and height.
Svelte Carousel
A super lightweight, super simple Carousel for Svelte 3
An android color picker library
A 3-axis 3D printed camera slider project that utilizes Marlin and is made with common components.
Just a nice and simple AppIntro for your Xamarin Forms project
React Rotary Knob
🎛 Skinnable knob for React.
Carousel View
CarouselView for android with showing horizontal and vertical, auto scrolling (with pause/resume), slider mode/ carousel mode options
Vue Slide Bar
🎢 A Simple Vue Slider Bar Component.
A highly customisable and reusable circular slider for iOS applications.
A set of widgets based on jQuery&&javascript. 一套基于jquery或javascript的插件库 :轮播、标签页、滚动条、下拉框、对话框、搜索提示、城市选择(城市三级联动)、日历等
React Native Web Swiper
Swiper-Slider for React-Native and React-Native-Web
add some slide effects.
Ngx Carousel
An amazing responsive carousel for angular 2+ . It have multiple options to control the carousel and also it is very simple to getstarted. Go and try this angular 2+ carousel. Getstarted available in readme file
Rdgliderviewcontroller Swift
Control for a floating view gliding over a ViewController Edit
React Input Slider
React input slider component
Rn Slider Switch
Multi slider switch component in React Native
Vue Swipe Mobile
😃 A siwpe (touch slider) component for Vue2
✭ 94
A fully-featured, powerful circular slider for iOS applications
Highly customizable GaugeSlider designed for a Smart Home app. Featured at Medium.
Slider captcha support mobile
Reviews slider
A Flutter animated widget made to help users leave reviews and feedbacks
React Marquee Slider
The marquee slider of your deepest dreams. Only for React.js ⛺
React Native Carousel View
react-native carousel, support in both Android and iOS
React Slidy
🍃 React Slidy - Minimalistic and smooth touch slider and carousel component for React
D3 Simple Slider
A simple interactive SVG slider
⛔️ currently unmaintained ⛔️ A minimal JS library for showing & hiding things
🍭 SummerSlider that can distinguish the parts where the advertisement of the video player comes out
React Carousel
Lightweight carousel component for react
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