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Learning Pwa
📱some samples and blogs about how to start with your first PWA
Inline Manifest Webpack Plugin
inline your webpack manifest (runtime code) with a script tag to save http request
Ember Web App
NOTICE: official repository moved to
Progressive Web Apps API of APIs
Webapp Webpack Plugin
[DEPRECATED] use favicons-webpack-plugin instead
Gulp Rev
Static asset revisioning by appending content hash to filenames: `unicorn.css` → `unicorn-d41d8cd98f.css`
Pwa Asset Generator
Automates PWA asset generation and image declaration. Automatically generates icon and splash screen images, favicons and mstile images. Updates manifest.json and index.html files with the generated images according to Web App Manifest specs and Apple Human Interface guidelines.
Vue Pwa Asset Generator
PWA asset generator perfect with VueJS framework (but useful for all PWA!)
Gradle Util Plugins
Fix for windows gradle long classpath issue. Fixes JavaExec tasks that error out with message "CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long"
Inline Chunk Manifest Html Webpack Plugin
Extension plugin for html-webpack-plugin to inline webpack's chunk manifest. Default inlines in head tag.
Origin of dotOS
Bagit Java
Java library to support the BagIt specification.
🏖Version Of Progressive Web App ( Serverless )
Webpub Manifest
📜 A JSON based Web Publication Manifest format used at the core of the Readium project
PWACompat to bring Web App Manifest to older browsers
Simpliest way to ask runtime permissions on Android, no need to extend class or override permissionResult method, choose your way : Kotlin / Coroutines / RxJava / Java7 / Java8
Parser and generator of M3U8-playlists for Apple HLS. Library for Go language. 🎦
Tool for embedding .ico & manifest resources in Go programs for Windows.
Receive notifications when an image is updated on a Docker registry
Android Startup
🔥The Android Startup library provides a straightforward, performant way to initialize components at the application startup. Both library developers and app developers can use Android Startup to streamline startup sequences and explicitly set the order of initialization.
Webpack Pwa Manifest
Progressive Web App Manifest Generator for Webpack, with auto icon resizing and fingerprinting support.
Pwa Bugs
🚔 List of PWA Bugs and workarounds
Phar Updater
A thing to make PHAR self-updates easy and secure
App Info Parser
A javascript parser for parsing .ipa or .apk files. IPA/APK文件 js 解析器
Glodroid manifest
Android manifest for GloDroid (AOSP for the world's most accessible development platforms)
Webpack Assets Manifest
This Webpack plugin will generate a JSON file that matches the original filename with the hashed version.
Kubernetes resource/manifest file preprocessor, generator and manager.
🚀 A missing link for the asset pipeline alternative with Webpack.
Open-source project providing Helm charts for deploying Free5GC and UERANSIM on a Kubernetes cluster
Don't ask me now! Go-ogle
Lightweight starter 'ng init' with added app shell features (sw-precache, web app manifest).
metaGraf is a opinionated specification for describing a software component and what its requirements are from the runtime environment. The mg command, turns metaGraf specifications into Kubernetes resources, supporting CI, CD and GitOps software delivery.
Source code analyzer that helps you to maintain variable/field naming conventions inside your project.
A build tool that generates a Web App Manifest, creates all necessary icons, and more!
The Tracker 😎
Search for information from manifests
Detailed documentation is available here:
Where that manifest thingy is...
✭ 22
vue开发的商品标签设计插件 && 系统,功能包含:设计,预览,打印
lightweight multiplexed rpc
Manifest is an investigative toolkit intended for researchers, journalists, students, and scholars interested in visualizing, analyzing, and documenting supply chains, production lines, and trade networks.
Preact based starter kit for making a Progressive Web App (PWA).
Java library for convenient reading of MANIFEST.MF files available in classpath
🛷 File name hashes support for css() and js() helpers. Without rewrite rules!
Webextension Manifest Generator that you specify `manifest.json` properties to appear only in specific browsers and environment
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