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SwiftSoup: Pure Swift HTML Parser, with best of DOM, CSS, and jquery (Supports Linux, iOS, Mac, tvOS, watchOS)
Better analyze information, in all its forms
Aws Etl Orchestrator
A serverless architecture for orchestrating ETL jobs in arbitrarily-complex workflows using AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda.
Link Preview Js
Parse and/or extract web links meta information: title, description, images, videos, etc. [via OpenGraph], runs on mobiles and node.
Sass Extract
Extract structured variables from sass files
Dyld cache extract
A macOS utility to extract dynamic libraries from the dyld_shared_cache of macOS and iOS.
Me Tools
Tools for working with Intel ME
Open Semantic Etl
Python based Open Source ETL tools for file crawling, document processing (text extraction, OCR), content analysis (Entity Extraction & Named Entity Recognition) & data enrichment (annotation) pipelines & ingestor to Solr or Elastic search index & linked data graph database
Extract indicators of compromise from text, including "escaped" ones.
URLExtract is python class for collecting (extracting) URLs from given text based on locating TLD.
A tool to extract useful data from documents
GUI and API library to work with Engine assets, serialized and bundle files
Extraction tool for LG, Hisense, Sharp, Philips/TPV, Thompson and similar TVs/Embedded Devices
Php Font Lib
A library to read, parse, export and make subsets of different types of font files.
Gif Frames
🖼 Extract frames from an animated GIF with pure JS
Converts a pdf file into a text file while keeping the layout of the original pdf. Useful to extract the content from a table in a pdf file for instance. This is a subclass of PDFTextStripper class (from the Apache PDFBox library).
Cross-platform tool to synchronize macros from an Office VBA-enabled file with a version-controlled folder
Mzip Android
An Android compress and extract library support popular compression format such as rar, zip
🎸 Download and/or Extract git repositories (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket). Cross-platform and Offline-first!
Extract clean(er), readable text from web pages via Mercury Web Parser.
Vscode Glean
The extension provides refactoring tools for your React codebase
Generate a JSON documentation for a SFC Vue component. Contribute:
🎨 (~1kb) library to extract colors from pictures.
Enex Dump
Dump the content of .enex files, preserving attachements, some metadata and optionally converting notes to Markdown.
Extract API keys from file or url using by magic of python and regex.
Bentools Etl
PHP ETL (Extract / Transform / Load) library with SOLID principles + almost no dependency.
Devtools Timeline Images
Extract images from Chrome DevTools report.
💈 Gif maker and extractor in Swift
Extract Comments
Extract JavaScript code comments from a string or glob of files.
Drv3 Tools
(Not actively maintained, use DRV3-Sharp) Tools for extracting and re-injecting files for Danganronpa V3 for PC.
Talend Tableau Extract
Tableau Extract output component for Talend
✭ 12
A web interface to extract tabular data from PDFs
API Client and Data Munging for the Demographic and Health Survey Data
Extract .tar(.gz) using the system binary (fast!), with a javascript fallback (portable!)
🔤 Lightweight R package for manipulating [string] characters
Akeeba Portable Tools (cross-platform) - Desktop utilities for use with Akeeba Backup and Akeeba Solo
3ds Titleid Extractor
This is an open source c++ application that extracts the title ID from a .cia file used by current nintendo systems.
💬 Python scripts to parse Messenger, Hangouts, WhatsApp and Telegram chat logs into DataFrames.
Preview extractor for news, articles and full-texts in Swift
Parse and output TODOs and FIXMEs from comments in your files
A tool to view and extract the contents of an Windows Installer (.msi) file.
Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsing Tool.
Face Track Detect Extract
💎 Detect , track and extract the optimal face in multi-target faces (exclude side face and select the optimal face).
Php Zip
PhpZip is a php-library for extended work with ZIP-archives.
tmux - quickly select, copy/insert/complete text without a mouse
Extracting archives made easy
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