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Webpack Ops
📁 webpack bundle visualization // optimization // config tool
This is the old, deprecated, monolith Horde repository, archived here for historical reasons.
Cloud-native and easy-to-use application management platform | 云原生且易用的应用管理平台
Quick Picture Viewer
🖼️ Lightweight, versatile desktop image viewer for Windows. The best replacement for the default Windows photo viewer.
Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, open source.
Swaglyrics For Spotify
📃 Get lyrics of currently playing Spotify song so you don't sing along with the wrong ones and embarrass yourself later. Very fast.
Platform Application
OroPlatform - business application management system that is a backbone of the OroCRM and OroCommerce.
Uptime Monitor App
A PHP application to monitor uptime and ssl certificates
The Simple, Secure Framework Developers Trust
Unikraft is an automated system for building specialized POSIX-compliant OSes known as unikernels. (Core repository)
Haskell-powered cross-platform transport-layer distributed reverse / forward proxy & tunneling solution – currently available for all TCP protocols (RDP, VNC, HTTP(S), SSH, ...).
React Redux Typescript Realworld App
RealWorld App implementation based on "react-redux-typescript-guide"
A framework for IOTA nodes, clients and applications in Rust
Partial application syntax and lambda parameters for JavaScript, inspired by Scala's `_` & Kotlin's `it`
Awesome Python Applications
💿 Free software that works great, and also happens to be open-source Python.
A RoadBook Application Using MVP
Retrieve the android application and the current activity from anywhere
Repository for my video series on building an iOS app in .NET.
Vue Django Rest Auth
An example project featuring Vue.js and Django Rest Framework using django-rest-auth
📱👀 In-App iOS Debugging Tool With Enhanced Logging, Networking Info, Crash reporting And More.
hiboot is a high performance web and cli application framework with dependency injection support
Flappy Fly Bird
🐦 Flappy Bird reincarnation [Swift 5.3, GameplayKit, SpriteKit, iOS 12].
App Dirs Rs
Put your Rust app's data in the right place on every platform
Power plan switcher for Windows 10. Heavily inspired by EarTrumpet.
Real Time Ml Project
A curated list of applied machine learning and data science notebooks and libraries across different industries.
Command line program to print location information from CoreLocation
Reactjs Authentication Tutorial
Chuck Norris World App - A sample app that shows how to add authentication to a ReactJS app
Pony Stable
🐴 A simple dependency manager for the Pony language.
A scriptable scratchpad for developers. In slow yet steady progress.
CLI client for the Mastodon social network API
🦒 Developer tool to visualize relational databases and export schemas for GraphQL API's.
Abseil Py
Abseil Common Libraries (Python)
Powerful app locker for Android, with a root and no-root implementation
Online Role Playing Game (based on Laravel)
Cat Account Ios
Cat Accounting iOS Client Code.
scientific calculator basic calculator and unit converter android app
Mac App Translate
Mac 软件汉化
The Narration PHP Framework - Empowering everyone to build reliable and loosely coupled web apps.
Cross Origin Resource Sharing MisConfiguration Scanner
💠 pattern generator based on the idea of the book "Forms of Colors"
Elm Doc Preview
Elm offline documentation previewer
Android Architecture
🌇该项目结合 MVP 与 Clean 架构思想,探索在 Android 项目上的最佳实践。
Go/HTML/CSS/JS Desktop application scaffold.
All In One
👔 Health care application for reminding health-todo lists and making healthy habits every day.
Awesome No Login Web Apps
🚀 Awesome (free) web apps that work without login
Ds With Pysimplegui
Data science and Machine Learning GUI programs/ desktop apps with PySimpleGUI package
A nodejs server that proxies to Contenta CMS and holds custom code.
Nanoleaf Desktop
A modern desktop application for the Nanoleaf Aurora and Canvas
Laravel Electron
Making Laravel desktop application using Electron Js
🎨 All in One Prototyping Tool For Vue Developers.
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