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Mpv Webm
Simple WebM maker for mpv, with no external dependencies.
A converter that generates a bash one-liner from an SQL Select query (no DB necessary)
Fast, standalone EPUB to KEPUB converter CLI app / library (and a few other utilities).
Retrofit Logansquare
A Converter implementation using LoganSquare JSON serialization for Retrofit 2.
Density Converter
A multi platform image density converting tool converting single or batches of images to Android, iOS, Windows or CSS specific formats and density versions given the source scale factor or width/height in dp. It has a graphical and command line interface and supports many image types (svg, psd, 9-patch, etc.) aswell as some lossless compressors like pngcrush.
jPSXdec: cross-platform PlayStation 1 audio and video converter
Dataset Serialize
JSON to DataSet and DataSet to JSON converter for Delphi and Lazarus (FPC)
Simple and lightweight (< 2kB) HTML string to React element conversion library
Nn Transfer
Convert trained PyTorch models to Keras, and the other way around
Discriminated Json Subtypes Converter implementation for .NET
Currency Converter Swift3.0 Viper
Calculates money quick and easy way to see live foreign exchange rates (Based on swift 4.2, viper architecture and special thanks to for conversion API)
Convert Evernote .enex files to Markdown
Swagger Toolbox
💡 Swagger schema model (in yaml, json) generator from json data
3D CAD viewer and converter based on Qt + OpenCascade
Ts Mongoose
Automatically infer TypeScript interfaces from mongoose schemas🙀
Api Flow
Universal data structure and converter for API formats (Swagger, RAML, Paw, Postman…)
A tool for converting Kubernetes YAML manifests to Terraform HCL
Node Js2xmlparser
Popular Node.js module for parsing JavaScript objects into XML
Yarle - The ultimate converter of Evernote notes to Markdown
XML to JSON converter written in Go (no schema, no structs)
Dot To Ascii
Graphviz to ASCII converter using Graph::Easy
database table to golang struct (table to struct) converter with cli and go lib support
Nnef Tools
The NNEF Tools repository contains tools to generate and consume NNEF documents
Gltf To Usdz Research
Research and proof of concept of converting glTF to USDZ for AR Quick Look (iOS 12+).
Create PDF documents using web technologies
A bidirectional Markdown to HTML to Markdown converter written in Javascript
Html To Markdown
⚙️ Convert HTML to Markdown. Even works with entire websites and can be extended through rules.
Server core components which are a part of ONLYOFFICE Document Server
Curl To Csharp
curl to C# converter
Bash script to convert video files into Google Chromecast supported format.
Transform text files to XML, JSON, or YAML
Синхронизация хранилища конфигурации "1С:Предприятия" с репозиторием Git и последующим переходом на разработку в 1C:Enterprise Development Tools (1C:EDT) с сохранением истории
Converts Optical Flow files to images and optionally compiles them to a video. Flow viewer GUI is also available. Check out mockup right from Github Pages:
Data formatter that creates simplified objects from JSON or stored reduxObject, creates JSON from the same simplified objects (in according with JSON API specification)
Pure JavaScript library for converting HTML into valid Markdown
Docker-powered html convert to pdf(html2pdf), html to image(html2image like jpeg,png),which using chrome(golang) kernel, add watermarks to pdf, convert pdf to images etc.
Soluble Mediatools
Video / audio conversion, thumbnailing and more ! PHP FFmpeg wrapper
To Milliseconds
Convert an object of time properties to milliseconds: `{seconds: 2}` → `2000`
Toml To Go
Translates TOML into a Go type in your browser instantly
A self-hosted, drag-and-drop, & nosql file conversion server that supports 62x file formats.
Net Core Docx Html To Pdf Converter
.NET Core library to create custom reports based on Word docx or HTML documents and convert to PDF
Convert Svg
Node.js packages for converting SVG into other formats using headless Chromium
🚥 A dataset migration tool from MongoDB to Elasticsearch and vice versa.
中国国测局地理坐标(GCJ-02)<火星坐标>、世界标准地理坐标(WGS-84) 、百度地理坐标(BD-09)坐标系转换工具类
✭ 131
Any Json
Convert (almost) anything to JSON
Rosbag to csv
Converter from ros bag to csv
Image -> SVG Vectorizing Tool - Live at:
Fhir Converter
Conversion utility to translate legacy data formats into FHIR
Python script to map 6 cube (cubemap, skybox) faces into an equirectangular (cylindrical projection, skysphere) map.
Converts HTML to Pug 🐶
headers 2 curl. Provided a set of HTTP request headers, output the curl command line for generating that set. Try the converter online at
Python implementation of convertion between equirectangular, cubemap and perspective. (equirect2cube, cube2equirect, equirect2perspec)
Ec2 Spot Converter
A tool to convert AWS EC2 instances back and forth between On-Demand and Spot billing models.
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