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Melusine is a high-level library for emails classification and feature extraction "dédiée aux courriels français".
Chronic Disease Prediction Using Medical Notes
Chinese Poetry Generation
An RNN-based Chinese Poem Generator
Terminal Assistant For SemiCode OS
一个可以自己进行训练的中文聊天机器人, 根据自己的语料训练出自己想要的聊天机器人,可以用于智能客服、在线问答、智能聊天等场景。目前包含seq2seq、seqGAN版本、tf2.0版本、pytorch版本。
Datastories Semeval2017 Task4
Deep-learning model presented in "DataStories at SemEval-2017 Task 4: Deep LSTM with Attention for Message-level and Topic-based Sentiment Analysis".
Utilities for preprocessing text for deep learning with Keras
Nlp profiler
A simple NLP library allows profiling datasets with one or more text columns. When given a dataset and a column name containing text data, NLP Profiler will return either high-level insights or low-level/granular statistical information about the text in that column.
Natural Language Processing Specialization
This repo contains my coursework, assignments, and Slides for Natural Language Processing Specialization by on Coursera
Awesome Nlp Polish
A curated list of resources dedicated to Natural Language Processing (NLP) in polish. Models, tools, datasets.
Zzz Retired openstt
RETIRED - OpenSTT is now retired. If you would like more information on Mycroft AI's open source STT projects, please visit:
Hands On Natural Language Processing With Python
This repository is for my students of Udemy. You can find all lecture codes along with mentioned files for reading in here. So, feel free to clone it and if you have any problem just raise a question.
Summarization, translation, sentiment-analysis, text-generation and more at blazing speed using a T5 version implemented in ONNX.
Seq2seq tutorial
Code For Medium Article "How To Create Data Products That Are Magical Using Sequence-to-Sequence Models"
Dl Text
Text pre-processing library for deep learning (Keras, tensorflow).
G Reader
2018年机器阅读理解技术竞赛模型,国内外1000多支队伍中BLEU-4评分排名第6, ROUGE-L评分排名第14。(未ensemble,未嵌入训练好的词向量,无dropout)
package lingo provides the data structures and algorithms required for natural language processing
Adversarial Training for Neural Relation Extraction
A python module for English lemmatization and inflection.
Textaugmentation Gpt2
Fine-tuned pre-trained GPT2 for custom topic specific text generation. Such system can be used for Text Augmentation.
Mrc book
Question Generation
Given a sentence automatically generate reading comprehension style factual questions from that sentence, such that the sentence contains answers to those questions.
⛔️ ARCHIVED ⛔️ 🐒 R package for text analysis with Monkeylearn 🐒
Wiki Split
One million English sentences, each split into two sentences that together preserve the original meaning, extracted from Wikipedia edits.
It consists of examples, assignments discussed in data science course taken at algorithmica.
📓 Long(er) text representation and classification using Doc2Vec embeddings
Models for automatic abstractive summarization
Russian news corpus
Russian mass media stemmed texts corpus / Корпус лемматизированных (морфологически нормализованных) текстов российских СМИ
Cracking The Da Vinci Code With Google Interview Problems And Nlp In Python
A guide on how to crack combinatorics puzzles shown in The Da Vinci Code movie using CS fundamentals and NLP
Nlp Paper
Aiops platform
An Artificial Intelligence Platform for IT Operations.
Argument Reasoning Comprehension Task
The Argument Reasoning Comprehension Task: Source codes & Datasets
Wongnai Corpus
Collection of Wongnai's datasets
Gec Pseudodata
Repository of "An Empirical Study of Incorporating Pseudo Data into Grammatical Error Correction" (EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019)
News push project
Real Time News Scraping and Recommendation System - React | Tensorflow | NLP | News Scrapers
Mitie chinese wikipedia corpus
Pre-trained Wikipedia corpus by MITIE
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