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Awesome Face recognition
papers about Face Detection; Face Alignment; Face Recognition && Face Identification && Face Verification && Face Representation; Face Reconstruction; Face Tracking; Face Super-Resolution && Face Deblurring; Face Generation && Face Synthesis; Face Transfer; Face Anti-Spoofing; Face Retrieval;
Probabilistic Face Embeddings
(ICCV 2019) Uncertainty-aware Face Representation and Recognition
Computer Vision Guide
📖 This guide is to help you understand the basics of the computerized image and develop computer vision projects with OpenCV. Includes Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and C++ examples.
Face Recognizer Android
Reatime Face Recognizer on Android
A collection of face related papers
Angular Penalty Softmax Losses Pytorch
Angular penalty loss functions in Pytorch (ArcFace, SphereFace, Additive Margin, CosFace)
Nextcloud app that implement a basic facial recognition system.
Get Me A Date
😍 Help me get a 💘 date tonight 🌛
Facerecognize For Mobile Phone
C Ms Celeb
A clean version (wash list) of MS-Celeb-1M face dataset, containing 6,464,018 face images of 94,682 celebrities
Insightface Tensorflow
Tensoflow implementation of InsightFace (ArcFace: Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition).
Code and information for face image quality assessment with SER-FIQ
基于人脸关键区域提取的人脸识别(LFW:99.82%+ CFP_FP:98.50%+ AgeDB30:98.25%+)
🛡️ Windows Hello™ style facial authentication for Linux
Mobilefacenet pytorch
MobileFaceNets: Efficient CNNs for Accurate Real-Time Face Verification on Mobile Devices
Esp32 Cam Webserver
Expanded version of the Espressif ESP webcam
Implement face recognition using PCA, LDA and LPP
Ros people object detection tensorflow
An extensive ROS toolbox for object detection & tracking and face/action recognition with 2D and 3D support which makes your Robot understand the environment
Arcface Multiplex Recognition
C# 超简单的人脸识别库。
Face Nn
Webcam face recognition using tensorflow and opencv
Tf Insightface
A better tensorflow implementation of deepinsight, aiming at smoothly production ready for cross-platforms. Currently only with inference, training code later.
Facerecognition guide
This is a guide to face recognition with Python, GNU Octave/MATLAB and OpenCV2 C++. Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces are explained in detail and implemented.
Hms Ml Demo
HMS ML Demo provides an example of integrating Huawei ML Kit service into applications. This example demonstrates how to integrate services provided by ML Kit, such as face detection, text recognition, image segmentation, asr, and tts.
Opencv Course
Learn OpenCV in 4 Hours - Code used in my Python and OpenCV course on freeCodeCamp.
Instagram AI bot with face detection. It works without instagram api, need only login and password.
Movie rating prediction
Predict movie's IMDB rating
TF implementation of our ECCV 2018 paper: Semi-supervised Adversarial Learning to Generate Photorealistic Face Images of New Identities from 3D Morphable Model
Human: 3D Face Detection, Body Pose, Hand & Finger Tracking, Iris Tracking and Age & Gender Prediction
Look Away to Pause Youtube - Experimental Chrome Extension
Face Api.js
JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition in the browser and nodejs with tensorflow.js
Convert face dataset to masked dataset
Facenet mtcnn to mobile
convert facenet and mtcnn models from tensorflow to tensorflow lite and coreml (使用 TFLite 将 FaceNet 和 MTCNN 移植到移动端)
VideoView that plays video only when 👀 are open and 👦 is detected with various other features
Maskedface Net
MaskedFace-Net is a dataset of human faces with a correctly and incorrectly worn mask based on the dataset Flickr-Faces-HQ (FFHQ).
Sphereface Plus
SphereFace+ Implementation for <Learning towards Minimum Hyperspherical Energy> in NIPS'18.
Deep Face Recognition
One-shot Learning and deep face recognition notebooks and workshop materials
Face Recognition
Face recognition and its application as attendance system
Face Recognition.js
Simple Node.js package for robust face detection and face recognition. JavaScript and TypeScript API.
Stalk your Friends. Find their Instagram, FB and Twitter Profiles using Image Recognition and Reverse Image Search.
This is an implematation project of face detection and recognition. The face detection using MTCNN algorithm, and recognition using LightenenCNN algorithm.
Attendace management system
In this system we can fill attendance by face recognition
Noise-Tolerant Paradigm for Training Face Recognition CNNs
Center Loss.pytorch
center loss for face recognition
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