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Change Detection Review
A review of change detection methods, including codes and open data sets for deep learning. From paper: change detection based on artificial intelligence: state-of-the-art and challenges.
Awesome Carla
👉 CARLA resources such as tutorial, blog, code and etc
hackIDE is an online code editor, compiler and interpreter based on Django, powered by HackerEarth API! Go, hack it!
Nice and free .Net code coverage support for Visual Studio with OpenCover.
🖨️ Print out code easily
Awesome Spn
A structured list of resources about Sum-Product Networks (SPNs)
✭ 228
Code Confuse Plugin
iOS代码混淆插件;A plugin to confuse codes in iOS Platform.
📓 mooc code playground
Learn, design or document codebase by putting breadcrumbs in source code. Live updates, multi-language support and more.
Cave miner
Search for code cave in all binaries
Awesome Deeplearning Resources
Deep Learning and deep reinforcement learning research papers and some codes
KDD 2019: Robust Anomaly Detection for Multivariate Time Series through Stochastic Recurrent Neural Network
React Code Splitting
Code splitting won't be a nightmare anymore !
Spring Cloud Codegen
Spring Cloud代码生成器
Golang Notes
Go source code analysis(zh-cn)
A set of various projects based on ESP8266, ESP32, ATtiny13, ATtiny85, ATtiny2313, ATmega8, ATmega328, ATmega32, STM32 and more.
Sloc, Cloc and Code: scc is a very fast accurate code counter with complexity calculations and COCOMO estimates written in pure Go
Arbitrary Text To Image Papers
A collection of arbitrary text to image papers with code (constantly updating)
Codeigniter Phpstorm
PhpStorm Code Completion to CodeIgniter
Syntax-aware grep for PHP code.
Java Code Conventions
Chinese translation of the Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language document.中文翻译《Java 编码规范》
Write Code Every Day
[No longer maintained] A project to honor those developers who believed in the challenge.
Qr Code Bundle
Bundle for generating QR codes in Symfony
Real time code sharing web application
Code Snippets Wp Speed Up
Code Snippets for WordPress and WooCommerce speed up, which can be imported into the plugin.
xmind\code\articles for my personal blog 个人博客上的资源备份存储,也是个人分享的汇总
Clean Code Zh
This is the leaked source code of Windows XP Service Pack 1
A restricted execution environment for Python to run untrusted code.
✭ 163
Plain text file based note taking and knowledge base building tool, markdown editor, simple browser IDE.
Book Open Source Tips
Open Source book on Open Source Tips
A tool that generate code for Swift projects, designed to improve the maintainability of UIColors
Samples associated with Pluralsight design patterns in c# courses.
Awesome Denoise
All latest image/burst/video Denoising papers with code & citation published in top conference and journal.
🔥 ZXing的精简版,优化扫码和生成二维码/条形码,内置闪光灯等功能。扫描风格支持:微信的线条样式,支付宝的网格样式。几句代码轻松拥有扫码功能 ,ZXingLite让集成更简单。(扫码识别速度快如微信)
Go Ethereum Code Analysis
No description or website provided.
Easy slam tutorial
首个中文的简单从零开始实现视觉SLAM理论与实践教程,使用Python实现。包括:ORB特征点提取,对极几何,视觉里程计后端优化,实时三维重建地图。A easy SLAM practical tutorial (Python).图像处理、otsu二值化。更多其他教程我的CSDN博客
Beginners C Program Examples
Simple, Short and Sweet beginners friendly C language programs
Tendermint code analysis
A tool for measuring Python class cohesion.
The Black code formatter, but brighter (PEP8–inspired).
✭ 120
Quick uicode
generate unity ui code quickly by editor(通过编辑器快速生成ui代码)
Guide To Staying Productive
If you're looking for ways to stay motivated and focused, while still having fun, this guide is for you! Contributions and any kind of improvements are very welcome!
Syntaxmeets. Create rooms 🏠 Call your friends 👬🏼 Sip Chai, ☕ Chat, Create, and Code👨‍💻. A coding platform to code simultaneously 🚀 with your friends and design your algorithms on SyntaxPad.💫✨
React Native Code Verification
❤️ Simple UI for pincode verification
Acme Assembly Vscode Template
A template for compiling 6502 assembly code with ACME in VSCode
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