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Pure Javascript manually written 👌 implementation of BLAS, Many numerical software applications use BLAS computations, including Armadillo, LAPACK, LINPACK, GNU Octave, Mathematica, MATLAB, NumPy, R, and Julia.
Machinelearning ng
吴恩达机器学习coursera课程,学习代码(2017年秋) The Stanford Coursera course on MachineLearning with Andrew Ng
Linear Prediction Model with Automated Feature Engineering and Selection Capabilities
Deep Math Machine
A blog which talks about machine learning, deep learning algorithms and the Math. and Machine learning algorithms written from scratch.
Machine Learning Models
Decision Trees, Random Forest, Dynamic Time Warping, Naive Bayes, KNN, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Mixture Of Gaussian, Neural Network, PCA, SVD, Gaussian Naive Bayes, Fitting Data to Gaussian, K-Means
My journey to learn and grow in the domain of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by performing the #100DaysofMLCode Challenge.
Isl Python
Solutions to labs and excercises from An Introduction to Statistical Learning, as Jupyter Notebooks.
Stock Market Prediction Web App Using Machine Learning And Sentiment Analysis
Stock Market Prediction Web App based on Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis of Tweets (API keys included in code). The front end of the Web App is based on Flask and Wordpress. The App forecasts stock prices of the next seven days for any given stock under NASDAQ or NSE as input by the user. Predictions are made using three algorithms: ARIMA, LSTM, Linear Regression. The Web App combines the predicted prices of the next seven days with the sentiment analysis of tweets to give recommendation whether the price is going to rise or fall
Generates and evaluates D, I, A, Alias, E, T, G, and custom optimal designs. Supports generation and evaluation of mixture and split/split-split/N-split plot designs. Includes parametric and Monte Carlo power evaluation functions. Provides a framework to evaluate power using functions provided in other packages or written by the user.
Highcharts trendline
HighCharts demo of scatter plot, including a trend line
Collection of various implementations and Codes in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision ✨💥
A set of machine learning experiments in Clojure
Univariate Linear Regression Gradient Descent Javascript
⭐️ Univariate Linear Regression with Gradient Descent in JavaScript (Vectorized)
Learning Python Predictive Analytics
Tracking, notes and programming snippets while learning predictive analytics
Machine Learning Octave
🤖 MatLab/Octave examples of popular machine learning algorithms with code examples and mathematics being explained
Multivariable regression library in Go
Stock price trend prediction with news sentiment analysis using deep learning
This repository contains all the programming exercises in Python for the Coursera course called "Machine Learning" by Adjunct Professor Andrew Ng at Stanford University.
Predict housing prices in Portland, Oregon for selling or buying house
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