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Top 649 twitter open source projects

Tweets analyzer
Tweets metadata scraper & activity analyzer
Egg Mode
a twitter api crate for rust
Real-time sentiment analysis in Python using twitter's streaming api
Tweetme 2
Build a twitter-like app in Django, Bootstrap, Javascript, & React.js. Step-by-Step.
Hackathon Starter Kit
A Node-Typescript/Express Boilerplate with Authentication(Local, Github, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Discord, Slack), Authorization, and CRUD functionality + PWA Support!
Node Twitter
Twitter clone with node.js
Xray / V2Ray( vmess/vless )、Shadowsocks、Trojan 通用客户端(Windows),可自动维持稳定上网 - 代理服务器异常自动切换,并提供一键部署代理服务端工具,使用 aardio 编写,绿色便携版免安装仅740KB、不需要.Net等外部运行库。
Social media scraping / data collection tool for the Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr APIs
The chatbot framework for your serious projects
Pow assent
Multi-provider authentication for your Pow enabled app
💀 Delete your old, unpopular tweets.
A Mastodon, Twitter, and Instagram Cross-poster
Twitter Text
Twitter Text Libraries. This code is used at Twitter to tokenize and parse text to meet the expectations for what can be used on the platform.
Twiderex Android
Next generation of Twidere for Android
The library with Twitter-like launch animation
Twitter Bot Bootstrap
Twitter bot bootstrap 👢 using node and twit 🐦
PhotoBrowser is a light weight photo browser, like the wechat, weibo image viewer.
Ngx Avatar
Universal avatar component for angular 2+ applications makes it possible to fetch / generate avatar from different sources
A PHP library that provides an incredibly easy way to access Twitter data as JSON or RSS feed by URL or standard CLI syntax.
Media Scraper
Scrapes all photos and videos in a web page / Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr / Reddit / pixiv / TikTok
A tool to archive the direct messages, images and videos from your private conversations on Twitter
Twitter To Sqlite
Save data from Twitter to a SQLite database
A browser made precisely for your apps.
A fork of the Corebird GTK Twitter client that continues to work with Twitter
Twitter-like Android image viewer library
Userscript to modify the looks of
Top geek's chindogu - personal assistant over satellite/telephone/SMS/chatbot, plus web infrastructure servers (web & mail, ad-free DNS, web proxy, SNMP, etc)
Keeping Twitter for macOS alive with code injection
Datastories Semeval2017 Task4
Deep-learning model presented in "DataStories at SemEval-2017 Task 4: Deep LSTM with Attention for Message-level and Topic-based Sentiment Analysis".
📡 A WiFi "modem" that connects your NES to the internet. Includes sample Twitter client.
Twitter Bot
Node js twitter bot to send auto welcome message for your new followers
Download Tweets Ai Text Gen
Python script to download public Tweets from a given Twitter account into a format suitable for AI text generation.
Posting to the most popular social media from Ruby
😻 text shots service
Twitter client written in simple Bash script
Twitter Macos Swiftui Sample
Twitter macOS Big Sur SwiftUI example app
Twitter Video Downloader
Download Twitter video streams.
React Twitter Embed
Simplest way to add twitter widgets to your react project.
Awesome Twitter Bots
🌟Resource repo for Twitter Bots 🐦
Reading List Mover
A Python utility for moving bookmarks/reading lists between services
Scrape Twitter
🐦 Access Twitter data without an API key. [DEPRECATED]
Mastodon Bot
a bot for mirroring Twitter/Tumblr accounts and RSS feeds on Mastodon
Spark Pac4j
Security library for Sparkjava: OAuth, CAS, SAML, OpenID Connect, LDAP, JWT...
Laravel Twitter Streaming Api
Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API in a Laravel app
Productive Twitter
Chrome extension: Minimal and friendly theme for productive twitter use
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