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Top 138 lidar open source projects

[ECCV 2020] Searching Efficient 3D Architectures with Sparse Point-Voxel Convolution
Python bindings for the Point Cloud Library (PCL)
C++ library and programs for reading and writing ASPRS LAS format with LiDAR data
Pi self driving car
A Modular Optimization framework for Localization and mApping (MOLA)
Livox Sdk
Drivers for receiving LiDAR data and more
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Use LiDAR to map the static world
Open Source scanning laser rangefinder
Whitebox Python
WhiteboxTools Python Frontend
Tool for convert files into Magicavoxel file
A hackable lidar viewer
Open Hardware scanning triangulation laser rangefinder
Hdl people tracking
Real-time people tracking using a 3D LIDAR
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Fusion Ukf
An unscented Kalman Filter implementation for fusing lidar and radar sensor measurements.
Pyicp Slam
Full-python LiDAR SLAM using ICP and Scan Context
Uncertainty-aware Semantic Segmentation of LiDAR Point Clouds for Autonomous Driving
Extrinsic lidar camera calibration
This is a package for extrinsic calibration between a 3D LiDAR and a camera, described in paper: Improvements to Target-Based 3D LiDAR to Camera Calibration. This package is used for Cassie Blue's 3D LiDAR semantic mapping and automation.
PyTorch Implementation of PIXOR
Lidar camera calibration
Light-weight camera LiDAR calibration package for ROS using OpenCV and PCL (PnP + LM optimization)
Export an OBJ file of ARKit 3.5 iPad Pro LIDAR scans
Overlap localization
chen2020iros: Learning an Overlap-based Observation Model for 3D LiDAR Localization.
M Loam
Robust Odometry and Mapping for Multi-LiDAR Systems with Online Extrinsic Calibration
Awesome Robotic Tooling
Tooling for professional robotic development in C++ and Python with a touch of ROS, autonomous driving and aerospace.
Laser Camera Calibration Toolbox
A Laser-Camera Calibration Toolbox extending from that at
Ssl slam2
SSL_SLAM2: Lightweight 3-D Localization and Mapping for Solid-State LiDAR (mapping and localization separated) ICRA 2021
A Python package for delineating nested surface depressions from digital elevation data.
LiDAR-Inertial 3D Plane Simulator
UrbanNav: an Open-Sourcing Localization Data Collected in Asian Urban Canyons, Including Tokyo and Hong Kong
Toronto 3d
A Large-scale Mobile LiDAR Dataset for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Roadways
Lego Loam
LeGO-LOAM: Lightweight and Ground-Optimized Lidar Odometry and Mapping on Variable Terrain
Loam velodyne
Laser Odometry and Mapping (Loam) is a realtime method for state estimation and mapping using a 3D lidar.
Tools for analyzing aerial point clouds of forest data.
Weakly Supervised 3d Object Detection
Weakly Supervised 3D Object Detection from Point Clouds (VS3D), ACM MM 2020
An "Iterative Closest Point" library for 2-D/3-D mapping in Robotics
Awesome Autonomous Driving Papers
This repository provides awesome research papers for autonomous driving perception. If you do find a problem or have any suggestions, please raise this as an issue or make a pull request with information (format of the repo): Research paper title, datasets, metrics, objects, source code, publisher, and year.
Hdl graph slam
3D LIDAR-based Graph SLAM
Las Rs
Read and write ASPRS las files, Rust edition.
Wetland Hydro Gee
Mapping wetland hydrological dynamics using Google Earth Engine (GEE)
A Loam
Advanced implementation of LOAM
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Lidar camera calibration
ROS package to find a rigid-body transformation between a LiDAR and a camera for "LiDAR-Camera Calibration using 3D-3D Point correspondences"
Complex Yolov4 Pytorch
The PyTorch Implementation based on YOLOv4 of the paper: "Complex-YOLO: Real-time 3D Object Detection on Point Clouds"
Onboard Sdk
DJI Onboard SDK Official Repository
Depth clustering
🚕 Fast and robust clustering of point clouds generated with a Velodyne sensor.
Superpoint graph
Large-scale Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation with Superpoint Graphs
Lidar Bonnetal
Semantic and Instance Segmentation of LiDAR point clouds for autonomous driving
Open Source TOF Lidar
Loam noted
loam code noted in Chinese(loam中文注解版)
Self Supervised Depth Completion
ICRA 2019 "Self-supervised Sparse-to-Dense: Self-supervised Depth Completion from LiDAR and Monocular Camera"
Semantic suma
SuMa++: Efficient LiDAR-based Semantic SLAM (Chen et al IROS 2019)
Tracking With Extended Kalman Filter
Object (e.g Pedestrian, vehicles) tracking by Extended Kalman Filter (EKF), with fused data from both lidar and radar sensors.
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The Point Processing Toolkit (pptk) is a Python package for visualizing and processing 2-d/3-d point clouds.
Interactive slam
Interactive Map Correction for 3D Graph SLAM
Dynamic robot localization
Point cloud registration pipeline for robot localization and 3D perception
Sc Lego Loam
LiDAR SLAM: Scan Context + LeGO-LOAM
Hdl localization
Real-time 3D localization using a (velodyne) 3D LIDAR
R package for airborne LiDAR data manipulation and visualisation for forestry application
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