Top 475 api-client open source projects

As easy as /aitch-tee-tee-pie/ 🥧 Modern, user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. JSON support, colors, sessions, downloads, plugins & more.
Notion Api
Unofficial API
A .NET Wrapper for WooCommerce/WordPress REST API
Interact with Twitch's API, chat, PubSub and subscribe to WebHooks.
Php Bitcoinrpc
Fully unit-tested Bitcoin JSON-RPC client based on GuzzleHttp.
Search and download free music from VK.
An R package 📦 making it easy to query, preview, download and preprocess multiple kinds of spatial data 🛰 via R. All beta.
Given a web API, Generate client libraries in node, php, python, ruby
Modular Async/Sync/Reactive Twitch API Client / IRC Client
Api Development Tools
📚 A collection of useful resources for building RESTful HTTP+JSON APIs.
A .NET Standard Binance API library.
Now Client
A JavaScript wrapper for the Now Instant API
A Ruby wrapper of the API
Front-end library - with C, C++, Python, and Java interfaces - for the recently expanded TDAmeritrade API
Virustotal Api
Virus Total Public/Private/Intel API
Espn Fantasy Football Api
Connect to ESPN's fantasy football API via this JS API client for web and NodeJS. Available as an npm package.
A delightful and complete interface to GitHub's amazing API
Easily find and view pre-trained AI models and deep learning projects through the command line 💻
Swift client for Unsplash
Vsphere Automation Sdk Rest
REST (Postman and JavaScript) samples and API reference documentation for vSphere using the VMware REST API
Kraken Go Api Client
Example client library in GO for use with the API.
Dnsimple Ruby
The DNSimple API client for Ruby.
Js Client
A Open-API derived JS + Node.js API client for Netlify
🦊 A simple, lightweight & framework agnostic JSON:API client
Coingecko Api
A Node.js wrapper for the CoinGecko API with no dependencies.
Unofficial php sdk for Dialogflow
Yelp Python
A Python library for the Yelp API
Python Qbittorrent
Python wrapper for qBittorrent Web API (for versions above v3.1.x)
📚 Web of Science python client
Routeros Api Php
Mikrotik RouterOS API PHP client for your applications
Piazza Api
Unofficial Client for Piazza's Internal API
Algoliasearch Client Go
⚡️ A fully-featured and blazing-fast Go API client to interact with Algolia.
Python library for the API.
A full implementation of the VirusTotal 2.0 API
Dropbox api
Ruby client library for Dropbox API v2
Chorale is a set of tools for interacting with Notion and Notion content.
Mock, Test & Track HTTP Requests and Response for Microservices
Netsuite Php
NetSuite PHP API Client with namespaces and autoloading
✭ 136
a python client for the new YNAB
Vsphere Automation Sdk Java
Java samples, language bindings, and API reference documentation for vSphere, VMC, and NSX-T using the VMware REST API
Redmine Net Api
.Net API for Redmine bug/task management systems.
Bigcommerce Api Php
Connect PHP applications with the Bigcommerce Platform
✭ 128
Cloudflare Rs
Rust library for the Cloudflare v4 API
AnyAPI is a library that helps you to write any API wrappers with ease and in pythonic way.
A python implementation of the Kraken API.
Kraken Php
Official library for PHP -
Python E-Trade API Wrapper
Manage mikrotik routers with .NET C# code via ADO.NET like API or enjoy O/R mapper like highlevel api.
Python interface for the API
Pixiv Api Client
Promise based Pixiv API client for node.js and react native
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