178 open source projects by Esri

1. React Arcgis
A few components to help you get started using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and esri-loader with React
2. Developer Support
Proof of concept developer code and samples to help be successful with all ArcGIS developer products (Python, NET, JavaScript, Android…). The repository is designed to be an exchange for sharing coding conventions and wisdom to developers at all skill levels.
3. Calcite Maps
A Bootstrap theme for designing, styling and creating modern map apps.
4. Arcgis Rest Js
compact, modular JavaScript wrappers for the ArcGIS REST API
7. Angular Esri Map
A collection of directives to help you use Esri maps and services in your Angular applications
8. Geoportal Server
Geoportal Server is a standards-based, open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including data and services.
9. Quickstart Map Js
ArcGIS JavaScript mapping samples to get you started fast.
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10. Arcrest
python package for REST API (AGS, AGOL, webmap JSON, etc..)
11. I3s Spec
This repository hosts the specification for Scene Layers which are containers for arbitrarily large amounts of geographic data. The delivery and persistence model for Scene Layers, referred to as Indexed 3d Scene Layer (I3S) and Scene Layer Package (SLPK) respectively, are specified.
12. Solutions Webappbuilder Widgets
Web App Builder widgets created and managed by the Esri Solutions teams.
13. Generator Esri Appbuilder Js
Yeoman generator to help customize Esri's WebAppBuilder
14. Esri Leaflet Geocoder
helpers for using the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service in Leaflet
15. Raster Functions
A curated set of lightweight but powerful tools for on-the-fly image processing and raster analysis in ArcGIS.
16. Arcgis Pro Sdk
ArcGIS Pro SDK for Microsoft .NET is the new .NET SDK for the ArcGIS Pro Application.
17. Geodev Hackerlabs
A place to learn how to build geo apps with the ArcGIS Platform.
18. Storymap Tour
The Story Map Tour is ideal when you want to present a linear, place-based narrative featuring images or videos.
19. Arcgis To Geojson Utils
Tools to convert ArcGIS JSON geometries to GeoJSON geometries and vice-versa.
20. Offline Editor Js
ArcGIS JavaScript library for handling offline editing and tiling.
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21. Cityengine Sdk
CityEngine is a 3D city modeling software for urban design, visual effects, and VR/AR production. With its C++ SDK you can create plugins and standalone apps capable to execute CityEngine CGA procedural modeling rules.
22. Arcgis Viewer Flex
Source code for ArcGIS Viewer for Flex - a great application framework for web applications.
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23. Ago Assistant
A swiss army knife for your ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS accounts
26. Arcgis Webpack Plugin
Webpack plugin for the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
27. Geojson Utils
A set of utilities for converting between standard geojson and other json formats
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28. Solutions Geoprocessing Toolbox
Models, scripts, and tools for use in ArcGIS Desktop and Server to support defense and intelligence workflows.
29. Arcgis Pro Sdk Community Samples
ArcGIS Pro SDK for Microsoft .NET Framework Community Samples
30. Raster Deep Learning
ArcGIS built-in python raster functions for deep learning to get you started fast.
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31. Android Gps Test Tool
Test all aspects of Android's location capabilities. Configurable for trying out different scenarios.
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32. Geojson Layer Js
An easy way to load GeoJSON data into your ArcGIS map
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33. Arcgis Js Cli
CLI to build a template application and widgets using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
34. Esri Leaflet
A lightweight set of tools for working with ArcGIS services in Leaflet. 🚀
35. Arcobjects Sdk Community Samples
This repo contains the source code samples (.Net c#, .Net vb, and C++) that demonstrate the usage of the ArcObject SDK.
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36. Calcite Components
Web Components for the Calcite Design System. Built with Stencil JS. Currently in Beta!
37. File Geodatabase Api
FileGeodatabaseAPI_1.4 ( The File Geodatabase C++ API for Windows, MacOS and Linux
38. Dojo Theme Flat
Custom flat theme based on Twitter's Bootstrap for Dojo dijits, dgrid, and esri widgets.
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39. Storymap Cascade
The Story Map Cascade℠ app lets you combine narrative text with maps, images, and multimedia content in an engaging, full-screen scrolling experience.
40. Application Boilerplate 3x Js
Starter application that simplifies the process of building templates for the ArcGIS.com template gallery.
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41. Joint Military Symbology Xml
Joint Military Symbology Markup Language is a data encapsulation of MIL-STD-2525D and APP-6(D).
42. Arcade Expressions
ArcGIS Arcade expression templates for all supported profiles in the ArcGIS platform.
43. Arcgis Appstudio Samples
Collection of samples available in AppStudio for ArcGIS desktop to learn and help build your next app.
44. Dojo Bootstrap Map Js
Samples for how to use the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript w/ Bootstap via Dojo-bootstrap
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45. Angular Cli Esri Map
Example Angular component for building mapping applications with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
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46. Maps App Javascript
Your organizations maps app built with ArcGIS API for Javascript
47. Storymap Journal
The Story Map Journal is ideal when you want to combine narrative text with maps and other embedded content.
48. Arcgis Runtime Toolkit Qt
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt Toolkit
49. Node Geoservices Adaptor
This is a node.js implementation of the ArcGIS REST API
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50. Storymap Series
The Story Map Series lets you present a series of maps via tabs, numbered bullets, or a side accordion.
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