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Image Compression Cnn
Semantic JPEG image compression using deep convolutional neural network (CNN)
Image Shrinker
App for macOS. Minify your images and graphics with just one drop. Autorenamed in the same place where it comes from. Immediately!
Tinify Php
PHP client for the Tinify API.
Go Avif
🎨 Go AVIF library
High Fidelity Generative Compression
Pytorch implementation of High-Fidelity Generative Image Compression + Routines for neural image compression
Luban(鲁班)—Image compression with efficiency very close to WeChat Moments/可能是最接近微信朋友圈的图片压缩算法
Image Compressor
[Deprecated] No longer maintained, please use
Caesium Clt
Caesium Command Line Tools - Lossy/lossless image compression tool using mozjpeg and zopflipng
Waifu2x Extension
Image, GIF and Video enlarger/upscaler achieved with waifu2x and Anime4K. [NO LONGER UPDATED]
Optimize Images
A command-line interface (CLI) utility written in pure Python to help you reduce the file size of images.
It is a free, open source command-line utility for optimizing PNG image files ( batch script included ).
Converts common image formats (PNG, JPG, etc.) to GPU-native compressed (BCn, ETC, ASTC) in KTX containers.
Free Universal Image Format
Tinify Java
Java client for the Tinify API.
🧙‍♂️ From developers to developers: a cross-platform tool for losslessly image compression.
Tinify Python
Python client for the Tinify API.
An Advanced Compress Image Library for Android / 高效、简洁的图片压缩工具库
A cross-platform TinyPNG client 🌱🎍
Image Resizer
On-the-fly image resizing using Node.js and libvips. Heroku Ready!
Compression Tools
A Docker image that contains a set of tools for compressing and optimize images in many formats with high results, it also includes GNU Parallel
Image Actions
A Github Action that automatically compresses JPEGs, PNGs and WebPs in Pull Requests.
An Azure Function solution to crawl through all of your image files in GitHub and losslessly compress them. This will make the file size go down, but leave the dimensions and quality untouched. Once it's done, ImgBot will open a pull request for you to review and merge. [email protected]
Caesium Image Compressor
Caesium is a cross-platform image compression software aimed at helping photographers, bloggers, webmasters, businesses or casual users at storing, sending and sharing digital pictures. Based on libcaesium.
CLI image optimization tool
An easy and fast library to apply gaussian blur filter on any images. 🎩
Generative Compression
TensorFlow Implementation of Generative Adversarial Networks for Extreme Learned Image Compression
AVIF polyfill for the browser
一款Android 便捷高效图片压缩库,更多自定义,灵活配置,缩放部分逆向微信朋友圈压缩效果推算得来,效果非常接近!
Image size quality compression, very close to WeChat picture compression strategy
High-performance image manipulation for web servers. Includes imageflow_server, imageflow_tool, and libimageflow
Compress Images
Minify size your images. Image compression with extension: jpg/jpeg, svg, png, gif. NodeJs
Crunch is a tool for lossy PNG image file optimization. It combines selective bit depth, color type, and color palette reduction with zopfli DEFLATE compression algorithm encoding using the pngquant and zopflipng PNG optimization tools. This approach leads to a significant file size gain relative to lossless approaches at the expense of a relatively modest decrease in image quality (see example images below).
Automated image compression for efficiently distributing images on the web.
Shiny App for Image Compression via SVD
The Caesium compression library written in Rust
October CMS Plugin to resize and compress images
Recent papers and codes related to deep learning/deep neural network based image compression and video coding framework.
A Node wrapper for the FLIF executable
Demonstration of low rank matrix approximations via singular value decomposition
[CVPR'19, ICLR'20] A Python toolbox for modeling and optimization of photo acquisition & distribution pipelines (camera ISP, compression, forensics, manipulation detection)
This is script and implementation of frontend image compression, convert, rotate, resize based on codecs in Google/Squoosh. All codecs are copy from the Squoosh repo without modifying. if you want to pre-process images before uploading them to the server, please use this repo for reference
A simple image compressor of javascript
CAE-ADMM: Implicit Bitrate Optimization via ADMM-Based Pruning in Compressive Autoencoders
Android library to choose image from gallery or camera with option to compress result image
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