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Premium hand-crafted icons built by Ionic, for Ionic apps and web apps everywhere 🌎
Creatability Components
Web components for making creative tools more accessible.
Template engine targeting incremental-dom
Implement the solutions of performance improvement and componentization for your SPA (single page application) products with this Progressive Web App Development Engine.
Web components with golang (gopherjs) moved to
Web Components + Virtual DOM: web standards for powerful UIs
Create framework agnostic components that are truly reusable and interoperable with all the benefits of the React ecosystem – using the HTML5 custom elements API to extend HTML's vocabulary.
Extraordinary JavaScript framework with unique declarative and functional architecture
Myscript Math Web
✏️ ☁️ The easy way to integrate mathematical expressions handwriting recognition in your web app.
H Include
Declarative client-side inclusion for the Web, using Custom Elements V1
@lrnwebcomponents Monorepo for NPM based element definitions
MIP (移动网页加速器)通过优化网页JS、控制资源加载顺序,达到加速网页的效果。
Neovim Component
<neovim-editor> WebComponent to embed Neovim to your app with great ease
Carbon by Sage | ReactJS UI Component Library
Vaadin Date Picker
The Web Component providing a date selection field with scrollable month calendar. Part of the Vaadin components.
Front End Cross-Frameworks Framework - 前端跨框架跨平台框架
Myscript Text Web
✏️ ☁️ The easy way to integrate text handwriting recognition in your web app.
Magic Microservices
Write components in any way, use them everywhere.😘
App Datepicker
Datepicker element built with Google's lit-element and Material Design 2
Smart Industry
🏭 Open Source Manufacturing Execution System for JobShop type manufacturer.
RoboJS is a library that aims to dynamically load JS modules depending on how the DOM is composed.
Urdf Loaders
URDF Loaders for Unity and THREE.js with example ATHLETE URDF Files
The Grid
Grid layout custom element with drag and drop capabilities
Api Viewer Element
API documentation and live playground for Web Components
🔥 Orchestrate your web project with Webdash the customizable web dashboard
Query Selector Shadow Dom
querySelector that can pierce Shadow DOM roots without knowing the path through nested shadow roots. Useful for automated testing of Web Components. Production use is not advised, this is for test environments/tools such as Web Driver, Playwright, Puppeteer
Vaadin Combo Box
The Web Component for displaying a list of items with filtering. Part of the Vaadin components.
Build, test, and publish vanilla Web Components with a little spice
HAX with a lightweight CMS backend to manage your microsite universe
✭ 111
Vue Iclient
SuperMap iClient UI Components for Vue.js
Vanilla Hamburger
Animated hamburger menu icons for modern web apps (1.8 KB) 🍔
Ionic Framework
A powerful cross-platform UI toolkit for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
User Interface Component Library based on LitElement / lit-html
Smile To Unlock
Want to give away free content on your site? How about asking for a smile in return 😁
Wc Loader
🚽 Webcomponents webpack loader.
Polymer3 Webpack Starter
Polymer 3 starter built with Vaadin components and Vaadin.Router library, using webpack and modern tools
Highcharts Chart
Polymer Element wrapper for highcharts library. Seamlessly create various types of charts from one element.
Calcite Components
Web Components for the Calcite Design System. Built with Stencil JS. Currently in Beta!
Nanocomponent Adapters
🔌 - Convert a nanocomponent to a component for your favourite API or library (web components, (p)react, angular)
A toolchain for building scalable, enterprise-ready component systems on top of TypeScript and Web Component standards. Stencil components can be distributed natively to React, Angular, Vue, and traditional web developers from a single, framework-agnostic codebase.
Fast Morph
A Morphing UI web component built with StencilJS
Lightweight web components library built with LitElement.
The app lets everyone assess their symptoms using a questionnaire. The app also informs users about next steps, for example, precautionary measures or contacting healthcare providers and health authorities.
Vaadin Upload
The Web Component for uploading multiple files with progress indication. Part of the Vaadin components.
funcy.js - a functional web components wrapper
Redux Store Element
A custom element allowing a more declarative use of Redux.
Components for interactive scientific writing, reactive documents and explorable explanations.
Wired Elements
Collection of custom elements that appear hand drawn. Great for wireframes or a fun look.
Web Components Benchmark
Web Components benchmark for a various Web Components technologies
Split Me
Universal web component to create resizable split layouts
Mobile app development framework and SDK using HTML5 and JavaScript. Create beautiful and performant cross-platform mobile apps. Based on Web Components, and provides bindings for Angular 1, 2, React and Vue.js.
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