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Connectivity Plugin for Xamarin and Windows
Xamarin Demos
This repository contains the Syncfusion Xamarin UI control’s samples and the guide to use them.
Xamarin Playground
Random cool stuff I play around using Xamarin.. :3 Some of these cool projects I feature them on my blog, with step by step explanation. :) Don't forget to check it out. Go to:
This project born from the need from people to have a way of communication between municipalities and communities. Some municipalities, have their platforms, but they are complex to validate the veracity of complaints. Denounced, it was born with the purpose of offering a free platform to these municipalities. Denounced consists of three main modules developed with Microsoft technologies, using the .Net Framework and Xamarin for its development: 1. Back End Web Project: Module of administration of the complaints, by the employees of the town councils. In this tool, the employees of the city council receive, validate, report and close the complaints, after being served. 2. Web Portal Client: It consists of a web project, so that the community make their complaints, in the same, the users of the service create a profile, must specify when making their complaint, evidence to support this. Through the portal, they can see the complaints of other community members, follow it, give their opinion or provide possible solutions or more evidence. 3. Mobile Project: It has the same functionalities as the web portal, with the addition, that the automatic location can be sent, from the cell phone.
Tips and tricks on how to speed up the time it takes to compile a Xamarin app
Step by step to build android apps with C#. Code files for YouTube tutorial
📱 Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) client for Android + Wear OS
Repository for my video series on building an iOS app in .NET.
The Simplest way to Authenticate and make Rest API calls in .Net
A Xamarin Forms control to render the native video player on every platform.
VS add-in. Creates Xamarin.Android Binding Projects using gradle
Xamarin Docs
Xamarin Documentation - public content repo
Xamarin Android Linux
Detailed instructions on setting up Xamarin.Android on Linux!
Xaml Code Experiences
A collection of the experiences I have collected during days of Xamarin and Wpf, while following the MVVM design pattern.
Image loading, caching & transforming library for Xamarin and Windows
An iOS, Android and UWP app created in Xamarin.Forms that uses Microsoft's Cognitive Emotion API Services to compare facial expressions
Extras for Xamarin Forms including MediaElement
A weather app for iOS and Android built with Xamarin
An iOS and Android app that uses facial recognition to enhance the security of a login page. Built using Xamarin.Forms and Microsoft Cognitive Services.
GithubXamarin(GitIt) is a cross-platform application for which is built using Xamarin.
Azure For Developers Workshop
The Azure cloud is huge and the vast service catalog may appear daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be!
The main purpose of the toolkit is to accelerate the creation and development of MVVM applications in Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Forms, Windows 10 UWP, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, Windows Phone.
Extension Methods for adding JSON APIs to a Realm Instance
Fo Dicom
Fellow Oak DICOM for .NET, .NET Core, Universal Windows, Android, iOS, Mono and Unity Mxparser
Math Parser Java Android C# .NET/MONO (.NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard, .NET PCL, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS) CLS Library - a super easy, rich and flexible mathematical expression parser (expression evaluator, expression provided as plain text / strings) for JAVA and C#. Main features: rich built-in library of operators, constants, math functions, user defined: arguments, functions, recursive functions and general recursion (direct / indirect). Additionally parser provides grammar and internal syntax checking.
Awesome Xamarin
A curated list of awesome Xamarin iOS/Android and Xamarin Forms bindings, ports, frameworks and much more!
HslControls控件库的使用demo,HslControls是一个工业物联网的控件库,基于C#开发,配套HslCommunication组件可以实现工业上位机软件的快速开发,支持常用的工业图形化控件,快速的集成界面开发。 主要包含了按钮,开关,进度条,信号灯,数码管,时钟,曲线显示控件,仪表盘控件,管道控件,瓶子控件,饼图控件,传送带控件,温度计控件,鼓风机控件,阀门控件,电池控件等等。
A iOS and Android app to monitor the views and clones of your GitHub repos
Xamarin Forms Tab Badge
Xamarin Forms bindable Tab badges for iOS, Android, UWP, MacOS and WPF
Arcgis Runtime Samples Dotnet
Sample code for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET – UWP, WPF, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Forms
Xamarin.Agora.Samples samples for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.MacOS and Xamarin.Forms
Android client for the Soulseek peer-to-peer network
🔰 AVLoadingIndicatorView is a collection of nice loading animations for Xamarin.Android.
An iOS and Android app built in Xamarin.Forms demonstrating how to interact with GitHub's GraphQL API
A sample app for iOS and Android written in Xamarin.Forms showing how to implement a Splash Page for Dark Mode
Create an iOS/Android app using Xamarin.Forms and connect it to a serverless Azure Function
The WeakEventListener allows the owner to be garbage collected if its only remaining link is an event handler.
This app utilizes a SQLite databse, MVVM, along with these Xamarin.Forms controls: Search Bar, Picker, Grid, StackLayout, Navigation Page, ListView, ViewCell. It also shows how to tweak the UI to best appear on larger tablet screens.
A Cross-Platform NFC (Near Field Communication) plugin to easily read and write NFC tags in your application.
This plugin is designed to picking and save images and video files from native gallery of Android and iOS devices and capture photos
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