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1. Ethereum Input Data Decoder
Ethereum smart contract transaction input data decoder
3. Go Ethereum Hdwallet
Ethereum HD Wallet derivations in Go (golang)
5. Spectrogram
Audio spectrogram in canvas.
6. Navigator.sendbeacon
Polyfill for Navigator.sendBeacon()
8. Alexa Voice Service.js
Library for interacting with Alexa Voice Service (AVS) in the browser.
9. Pixelate
Pixelate an image with canvas.
11. Web Accessibility
Resources for developing with web accessibility in mind.
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12. Knuth Morris Pratt
Knuth-Morris-Pratt string searching algorithm in Javascript.
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14. Streamhut
Stream your terminal to web without installing anything 🌐
15. Awesome Amazon Alexa
πŸ—£Curated list of awesome resources for the Amazon Alexa platform.
16. Javascript Idiosyncrasies
A bunch of Javascript idiosyncrasies to beginners.
17. Solidity Idiosyncrasies
Solidity gotchas, pitfalls, limitations, and idiosyncrasies.
20. is-valid-domain
Validate domain name in JavaScript
22. inview
Detect when element scrolled to view
25. keccak256
A wrapper for the keccak library to compute 256 bit keccak hash in JavaScript.
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27. mootron
A Tron like terminal theme
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Vim Script
28. solidity-create2-example
Example of how to use the CREATE2 opcode released in the Constantinople update for Ethereum
29. ethereum-hdwallet
CLI and Node.js library for Ethereum HD Wallet derivations from mnemonic
30. go-solidity-sha3
Generate Solidity SHA3 (Keccak256) hashes in Go (golang)
31. sass-cheatsheet
Cheatsheet guide for Sass
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32. AVS-server
[DEPRECATED] Node.js web server for interacting with the Alexa Voice Service.
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