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A stream that emits multiple other streams one after another (streams3)
A small Java 8 util library, complementary to Guava (BiStream, Substring, MoreStreams, Parallelizer).
Smallrye Mutiny
An Intuitive Event-Driven Reactive Programming Library for Java
Devalpha Node
A stream-based approach to algorithmic trading and backtesting in Node.js
Frideos flutter
An all-in-one Fllutter package for state management, reactive objects, animations, effects, timed widgets etc.
High performance data aggregating storage
Kafka Book
Scrape Twitter
🐦 Access Twitter data without an API key. [DEPRECATED]
Ni Media
NI Media is a C++ library for reading and writing audio streams.
😷 A minimal high order function for building user interfaces
"A collection of functional programming libraries that can be composed together. Unlike a framework, is a suite of instruments and you (the user) must be the composer of. Geared towards versatility, not any specific type of music." — @loganpowell via Twitter
Asynchronous flow control (promises, generators, observables, CSP, etc)
Multiple Counters Flutter
Flutter State Management [ setState ❖ StreamBuilder ❖ scoped_model ❖ redux ]
Read and write Parquet in Scala. Use Scala classes as schema. No need to start a cluster.
A robust ClamAV virus scanning library supporting scanning files, directories, and streams with local sockets, local/remote TCP, and local clamscan/clamdscan binaries (with failover).
A streaming layout service for front-end microservices
pure functional and generic programming for Erlang
Php Fetch
A simple, type-safe, zero dependency port of the javascript fetch WebApi for PHP
Functional Experiment in Golang
Websocketstream Explainer
Explainer for the WebSocketStream JavaScript API
An advanced, but easy to use, platform for writing functional applications in Java 8.
🚰 binary data "streams+" via data producers, data consumers, and pull flow.
Apache Streams
Cypher Stream
Neo4j Cypher queries as Node.js object streams
Stream Splicer
streaming pipeline with a mutable configuration
Delta Architecture
Streaming data changes to a Data Lake with Debezium and Delta Lake pipeline
Go Transcode
Live on-demand transcoding in go using ffmpeg. Also with NVIDIA GPU hardware acceleration.
Why Are My Node Streams Hanging
Some supplemental node streams documentation
Node Scalable Blob Store
A file system blob store that is designed to prevent conflicts when used with a distributed file system or storage area network
Remote Web Streams
Web streams that work across web workers and iframes.
serialize native Nim types to strings, streams, or sockets ⛄
Chunk Store Stream
Convert an abstract-chunk-store compliant store into a readable or writable stream
Redis Streams and PubSub to Server-Sent Event bridge in Go
Sql Streams
Painless low level jdbc abstraction using the java 8 stream api.
Kafka Streams
equivalent to kafka-streams 🐙 for nodejs ✨🐢🚀✨
Stream Store library targeting RDBMS based implementations for .NET
🌊🌊⛵️🌊🌊 - cute streaming API framework
Advanced Nodejs
For help, ask in #questions at
The XP Framework is an all-purpose, object oriented PHP framework.
⏳ Futures, Streams & Async/Await for PHP's Swoole asynchronous run-time.
Event emitter for watching text streams with regex patterns
Web Streams, based on the WHATWG spec reference implementation
Authenticated encryption for streams in Go
A decentralized (p2p) file storage system built atop Kademlia DHT that enforces data integrity, privacy, and availability through sharding, proofs of retrievability, redundancy, and encryption, with smart-contract powered incentive scheme
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