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A Programmer Prepares
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nodejs 基础教程
Centos Book
Web开发者手边的一本CentOS小书,是对 CentOS 系统知识的一个整理以及补完,当然对于其它 Linux 发行版本也有很大的参考意义,但的确针对的是目前 CentOS 的最新版本——CentOS 7
Android Bookmark
【资料汇总】Android 资源知识大全
Way To Algorithm
Algorithm Tutorial and Source Code
Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown
Awesome React Native Web
💙 React Native Web patterns, techniques, tips, and tricks ✨
Peiqi Wiki Poc
Migrating To Cloud Native Application Architectures
Cs Univ Wiki
컴공생을 위한 대학 생활 가이드라인
Bitcoin On Nodejs
Getting Started With Knative
Knative入门——构建基于 Kubernetes 的现代化Serverless应用 -
Automate With Ansible
《現代 IT 人一定要知道的 Ansible 自動化組態技巧》
Git Tips
Spring Boot Book
Spring Boot 开源电子书
Celery Cn
Programming Notes
Notes of learning Programming
Sbt Site
Site generation for sbt
Awesome Github
A curated list of awesome GitHub guides, articles, sites, tools, projects and resources. 收集这个列表,只是为了更好地使用GitHub,欢迎提交pr和issue。
Node Sec Roadmap
Some thoughts on how Node.js might respond to a changing security environment
Sicp Magical Book
Magical Book The book uses dialects Scheme in the programming language Lisp to explain the core concepts of computer science, including abstraction, recursion, interpreters, and metalinguistic abstraction. Specific and micro-macroscopical to microcosmic to give a clear outline and context.
Gitbook Summary
A command line tool to generate a for Gitbook
Explore Python
📗 The Beauty of Python Programming.
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The Little Go Book
the little go book 繁體中文翻譯
Css Grid Flex
📖An introduction about grid and flex of css.
Node In Action
📕 一本小书 -《Node.js实战》
📖 HonKit is building beautiful books using Markdown - Fork of GitBook
Kafka Notebook
The Internals of Apache Kafka
A modern note taking app based on GIT that does not require a local GIT environment.
Clang Format Hooks
Apply a coding style with clang-format only to new code added to an existing code base.
Activiti 7 Developers Guide
Istio Handbook
Istio Service Mesh Advanced Practical - Istio服务网格进阶实战
Pwning Juice Shop
GitBook markdown content for the eBook "Pwning OWASP Juice Shop"
Breaking Gfw Book
Nodejs Api Doc Cn
Node.js API 文档(中文版)
Http restful api
整理HTTP后台端的RESTful API方面的知识
Docker Gitbook Pdf Generator
如果你想使用 GitBook 生成 PDF ,又不想折腾,使用这个项目就对啦!
Rust Book Chinese
rust 程序设计语言 中文版
Kubernetes Handbook
Kubernetes中文指南/云原生应用架构实践手册 -
Hugo Handbook
Building static website with hugo -
Webpack Tutorial Gitbook
📖 Webpack Tutoiral Gitbook 繁體中文
Gitbook Boilerplate
Api Doc
Owasp Masvs
The Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) is a standard for mobile app security.
Plugin Ga
Google Analytics tracking for your book
Google Cpp Style Guide Zh Tw
Google C++ Style Guide 的繁體中文版
Apcsa Public
AP Computer Science A Curriculum Materials
Node Gitbook Api
Node client library for the GitBook API
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