Top 36 admob open source projects

Admob Plus
Trustable AdMob Plugin for Cordova, Capacitor, Ionic
React Native Admob Native Ads
A simple and robust library for creating & displaying Admob Native Advanced Ads in your React Native App using Native Views.
Coding To Monetization
📖 From Coding to Monetization:Programmer's Financial Freedom Approach
Godot all in one ads module for Android. (Customizable)
A library to manage Android from QML
Intelligently rotate AdSense/AdMob, LifeStreetMedia, and other networks & make more money. GreenRobot Ad Server is an API enabled yield optimization system for publishers of websites and mobile apps written using PHP Laravel 6.4.
Admob For Flash
admob ane for flash air iOS app and actionscript android app.include banner and Interstitial native Advertising.this Admob ANE suport admob 1 and admob 2,based on firebase sdk
Admob Unity Plugin
👾 An extension for Unity3d to place AdMob banners in your Android games.
Nativescript Admob
NativeScript plugin to earn some precious 💰💰 with ads by Google AdMob
Flutter native ads
Show AdMob Native Ads use PlatformView
Googleads Mobile Unity
Official Unity Plugin for the Google Mobile Ads SDK
Cordova Admob Pro
🔥 Cordova Plugin for Google AdMob, DFP, ADX. Easy monetization using mobile Ad, with single line of JavaScript. Compatible with Cordova CLI, Inoic, PhoneGap Build, etc.
Admob flutter
Admob Flutter plugin that shows banner ads using native platform views.
Android Smartwebview
A webview integrated w/ native features to help create most advanced hybrid applications.
Godot Android Admob Plugin
Android AdMob plugin for Godot Game Engine 3.2 or higher
Cordova Plugin Admob
Basic Cordova Plugin for AdMob
💵 Demonstrates Haxe/OpenFL bindings for Chartboost ads haxelib
🎬Application that displays a list of Movies and Tv Series using Modern Android Application Development tools and API's
Admob for React Native with powerful hooks and components
native admob flutter
Easy-to-make native ads in flutter using AdMOB SDK.
Godot Game Engine Custom Mobile Template
Artisto capstone
This is Capstone Project of Android Developer Nanodegree program.
Defold native extension which provides access to AdMob functionality on Android and iOS
AdMob Adobe Air Native Extension for iOS 10.0+, Android 19+. Supports Banner, Interstitial and RewardVideo ads
This repository is for Godot's Addons to integrate natively AdMob to your Game Project without much configurations, with a beautiful UI and directly inside Godot Editor!
A wrapper for a UIViewController with a GADBannerView at the bottom
Native Android WebView Example in Kotlin. Website to android app github open source template.
[Android]BackPress Ad Dialog for Admob
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