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Top 100 firebase-database open source projects

Firebase model framework Salada. Salada is the best Firebase framework.
Expo Native Firebase
πŸ”₯ Native Firebase Expo App (iOS, Android) Demo for Firestore, Notifications, Analytics, Storage, Messaging, Database 🚨
Firebase Firestore Lite
A lightweight cloud firestore library for the browser
Vue Trello
Trello clone with Vue.js for educational purposes
Android Firebase Kotlin Java Mvp Mvc Mvvm Chat
Simple chat Application with one to one connectivity using Firebase Real time Database written in MVC,MVP and MVVM architecture to better understand the android coding patterns. Purpose of writing same application functionality with 3 different pattern is to show how single application can be developed using 3 different patterns(Mvc, Mvp, Mvvm).
React Firebase
πŸ”₯Declarative React bindings for Firebase Auth & Realtime Database.
Pet Shop is an e-commerce application for Android built with Flutter (iOS to come soon).
Gatsby Theme Firebase
πŸ”₯ A Gatsby Theme for adding Firebase to your application.
The Road To React With Firebase
πŸ““The Road to React with Firebase: Your journey to build business applications with React and Firebase.
Ionic Firebase Starter App
Ionic 4 firebase CRUD tutorial to learn how to create a firebase application to perform Authentication and all CRUD operations in an ionic 4 application. You can use this FREE Ionic Firebase Starter App as a base to create your Ionic App with Firebase backend :)
Realmfire Swift
Sync a local realm database with firebase
Flutter firebase vote
A flutter application named Vote, based on firebase auth and firestore database.
Sample real-time chat application using Firebase
Firebase As3
Integrate Firebase Auth, Realtime Database and Storage in your Adobe AIR projects.
Viewmodel Firebase Sample
Simple sample project using ViewModel and Firebase Database
Heal O Chat
Heal-O-Chat is a Social Media Application for people who have been feeling less motivated in life or are losing hope. This platform allows users to chat with people and share their thoughts and feelings with each other and thereby let go of stress, anxiety, and depression that they've been feeling for long.
Send firebase notifications to your users very easily: A new Android Lib
[DEPRECATED] πŸ”₯ Unofficial Kotlin Extensions for the Firebase Android SDK.
Chat App with all functionality private chat, contacts, friends request, find friends,for profile settings image cropper functionality, settings, logout also send text, image and all type of files, delete your files for you and everyone , login with email and mobile number and real time database firebase and for notification purpose Node Js used.
Wanderlust The Travellers App
πŸ‘Ÿ An android application for travellers which allows them to save their journey experiences at one place in an organizable way. For detailed description, read the file. Moreover, the application's design follows the latest HCI and UI/UX design guidelines.
Vue Realtime Dashboard
a simple vuejs realtime dashboard with firebase, google maps & chartjs
Functional F# library to access Firestore database hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Firebase.
Firebase Server
Firebase Realtime Database Server Implementation
Use Codable with Firebase
Meal Prep
Source code for a 4-part series I wrote about Vue, Vue Router, Vuex and Vuetify
Angular Shoppingcart
ShoppingCart (Ecommerce) πŸ›’ Application using Angular10, Firebase, PWA, Drag&Drop, Materialized Bootstrap and i18n πŸš€πŸ”₯πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Bringing the where statement to the Firebase Database.
Mecha Hamster is a game where you roll through customizable environments that you can share with your friends.
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