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Godot Mixing Desk
A complete audio solution for Godot 3.2.x, making procedural sound and adaptive/procedural music possible with a few nodes and a couple lines of code.
A simple Godot shader that simulates CRT Displays
Godot Realistic Water
Godot - Realistic Water Shader
A simple Text Interface Engine to control text output (like in a RPG dialogue) for Godot.
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Awesome Godot
A curated list of free/libre plugins, scripts and add-ons for Godot
A Visual Dialogue Editor made using the Godot Engine
A GPU powered Terrain editor and renderer for Godot Engine
Godot Gdscript Toolkit
Independent set of GDScript tools - parser, linter and formatter
Godot Card Game Framework
A framework which comes with prepared scenes and classes and scenes to kickstart your card game, as well as a powerful scripting engine to use to provide full rules enforcement.
Godot oculus quest toolkit
An easy to use VR toolkit for Oculus Quest development using the Godot game engine
Godot Kickstarter 2019
Create your Own Games with Godot, the Free Game Engine: sources from the January Kickstarter project from GDQuest
Godot Utils And Other
random code that I made/use for godot
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Godot Beginner 2d Platformer
Learn to create a 2d platform game with the Godot game engine. This is a beginner programming tutorial.
Godot Jigglebones
An addon that brings jigglebones to Godot Engine 3.0.
Godot Ci
Docker image to export Godot Engine games. Templates for Gitlab CI and GitHub Actions to deploy to GitLab Pages/GitHub Pages/
Godot card engine
A plugin for Godot to create card based games
Godot Git Plugin
A Git plugin for the Godot Editor based on GDNative for Godot's VCS integration
Godot openvr
GDNative based Open VR module
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Voxel Core
Voxel plugin for the Godot game engine!
Chart Gd
Animated charts for Godot Engine
Godot 2d Builder
A simulation game demo made in Godot and inspired by Factorio.
Godot Cel Shader
A Cel Shader for the Godot Engine
Godot Sqlite
GDNative wrapper for SQLite (Godot 3.2+)
Godot Syntax Themes
Syntax themes for the Godot Engine script editor
Godot all in one ads module for Android. (Customizable)
Bookofshaders Godot
BookOfShaders in Godot Shader Language
Play Games Services plugin for Godot Game Engine 3.2 - Android
Emacs Gdscript Mode
An Emacs package to get GDScript support and syntax highlighting.
Godot Ink
Ink integration for Godot Engine.
Add-on that adds a fur node to the Godot engine, using a shell based approach to imitate fur strands.
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GDScript and Godot client for real-time Phoenix Framework Channels
Gmtk jam 2020
A short puzzle-platformer game made with Godot, running on GLES 2.0.
Gdscript Docs Maker
Create documentation and class references from your Godot GDScript code
Olá, sejam bem-vindos ao repositório _gamedev4noobs_ do Estúdio Vaca Roxa. O propósito desse repositório, além de contribuir para o projeto 4noobs, é ensinar o básico do desenvolvimento de jogos para iniciantes. Apresentando boas práticas e insumos para criar games incríveis.
Vim Gdscript3
Syntax highlighting and completion for GDScript 3
Implementation of inkle's Ink in pure GDScript for Godot, with editor support.
A guide to build a simple Roguelike game with Godot engine.
A Logo-like DSL for Godot, implemented in Nim
Godot 2d global illumination
2D Global Illumination shader in Godot.
Godot Gdhexgrid
A GDScript hexagonal grid implementation for Godot.
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Google play service, login, achievements, leaderboard.
Circle jump
An open source mobile game made with Godot.
Godot Demos
Godot demos and tutorials
Intellij Gdscript
Godot Engine and GDScript support plugin for IntelliJ based IDEs
Godot Demos
Dozens of free and open source demos for the Godot game engine
A powerful 2D projectile system module for Godot!
Godot Engine.file Editor
A Godot Engine addon that adds a File Editor for multiple file types editing. Create and Write plain text files, configuration files and csv files with custom visualizers and previews. Also supports file translations!
The open source remake of Airline Tycoon Deluxe
Godot Inventory
Available at Asset Library
Terminal emulator control for Godot engine
Godot 2d Glow
Godot 2D Glow effect demo.
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