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Jest Image Snapshot
✨ Jest matcher for image comparisons. Most commonly used for visual regression testing.
Jest Localstorage Mock
A module to mock window.localStorage and window.sessionStorage in Jest
Vuex Mock Store
✅Simple and straightforward Vuex Store mock for vue-test-utils
Jest Html Reporters
🌈 Reporter for jest test framework. 🌈
Extremely simple boilerplate, easiest you can find, for React application including all the necessary tools: Flow | React 16 | redux | babel 6 | webpack 3 | css-modules | jest | enzyme | express + optional: sass/scss
React Native Opencv Tutorial
👩‍🏫Fully working example of the OpenCV library used together with React Native
Jest Expect Message
Add custom message to Jest expects 🃏🗯
Puppeteer Examples
Puppeteer example scripts for running Headless Chrome from Node.
Node Typescript Api
🚀Complete Node.js API built using 👉Typescript | Jest | MongoDB | Express
Jest Chain
Chain Jest matchers together to create one powerful assertion 🃏⛓
Babel Plugin Tester
Utilities for testing babel plugins
Jest Webdriver
Connect Jest tests to Selenium WebDriver
Jest Mock Extended
Type safe mocking extensions for Jest
Sinon Jest Cheatsheet
Some examples on how to achieve the same goal with either of both libraries: sinon and jest. Also some of those goals achievable only by one of these tools.
Jest Date Mock
🌗 Mock `Date` when run unit test cases with jest. Make tests of Date easier.
Jest Schematic
Angular schematic for adding Jest and the required files to an Angular CLI project
Testing React Redux With Jest And Enzyme
React Redux Testing Template using Jest and Enzyme
Jsdom Worker
👷‍♀️ Use Web Workers in Jest / JSDOM 🌈
Svelte Boilerplate
Svelte application boilerplate with Webpack, Babel, PostCSS, Sass, Fetch, Jest, .Env, EsLint.
Modern Node
All-in-one development toolkit for creating node modules with Jest, Prettier, ESLint, and Standard
Awesome Learning
Awesome Learning - Learn JavaScript and Front-End Fundamentals at your own pace
Aspnetcore Vue Typescript Template
Template AspNetCore with Vue, Vue router, Vuex, TypeScript, Bulma, Sass and Jest
Buefy Shop
A sample shop built with Nuxt, Stripe, Firebase and Serverless Functions
Root Cause
🔍 Root Cause is a tool for troubleshooting Puppeteer and Playwright tests. 🔎
Learning React
The code samples for Learning React by Alex Banks and Eve Porcello, published by O'Reilly Media
Vuesion is a boilerplate that helps product teams build faster than ever with fewer headaches and modern best practices across engineering & design.
Express Graphql Boilerplate
Express GraphQL API with JWT Authentication and support for sqlite, mysql, and postgresql
Lerna Yarn Workspaces Monorepo
🐉 A Monorepo with multiple packages and a shared build, test, and release process.
Weekly Digest
Weekly summary of activity on your GitHub repository 📆
Jest Native
🦅 Custom jest matchers to test the state of React Native
Jest Canvas Mock
🌗 A module used to mock canvas in Jest.
Quick and simple file sharing between different devices.
Elasticsearch Jest Example
ElasticSearch Java Rest Client Examples
Nestjs Template
Scaffold quickly your next TypeScript API with this opinionated NestJS template crafted for Docker environments
Vscode Jest
The optimal flow for Jest based testing in VS Code
Redux Actions Assertions
Simplify testing of redux action and async action creators
Storybook Addon Jest
REPO/PACKAGE MOVED - React storybook addon that show component jest report
Snap Shot
Jest-like snapshot feature for the rest of us, works magically by finding the right caller function
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🎟 급증하는 트래픽에도 안정적인 예약 서비스, Atomic Pattern을 적용한 재사용 가능한 컴포넌트, 실용적인 Testing을 주제로 하는 이벤트 서비스
UI-driven Jest test-generation package for Recoil selectors
Jest Html Reporter
Jest test results processor for generating a summary in HTML
React Native Testing Example
Example of unit testing a React Native & Redux app using Jest (and Snapshots!)
Jest Runner Tsc
🃏A Jest runner for the TypeScript compiler
Public infos and issues about React Conf Brasil organization
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React Native Testing Library
🦉 Simple and complete React Native testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.
Jest Stare
Jest HTML Reporter and Results Processor
☕ Ergonomic, modern and type-safe assertion library for TypeScript
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