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Stanford Cme 106 Probability And Statistics
VIP cheatsheets for Stanford's CME 106 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
Fast multi-dimensional generalized histogram with convenient interface for C++14
Dabest Python
Data Analysis with Bootstrapped ESTimation
Simple Statistics
simple statistics for node & browser javascript
Twitter's Anomaly Detection in Pure Python
An extensible framework for high-performance geostatistics in Julia
The code repository for projects and tutorials in R and Python that covers a variety of topics in data visualization, statistics sports analytics and general application of probability theory.
Nginx Rtmp Monitoring
real-time monitoring statistics dashboard for nginx rtmp module
Laravel Analytics
A Laravel package to retrieve pageviews and other data from Google Analytics
Ml Feynman Experience
A collection of analytics methods implemented with Python on Google Colab
Preguntas Y Respuestas Entrevistas Frontend
Un listado de preguntas y respuestas que hemos y nos han preguntado en entrevistas para Ingenieros y Desarrolladores de Front End (Para facilitar las entrevistas y el estudio)
ELFI - Engine for Likelihood-Free Inference
GeostatsPy Python package for spatial data analytics and geostatistics. Mostly a reimplementation of GSLIB, Geostatistical Library (Deutsch and Journel, 1992) in Python. Geostatistics in a Python package. I hope this resources is helpful, Prof. Michael Pyrcz
Awesome Quant
Simply Statistics
DEPRECATED Tool for Path of Exile that calculates net worth and tracks gear, maps and other statistics for you and your group
Statistics package for Go [DEPRECATED]
Sloc, Cloc and Code: scc is a very fast accurate code counter with complexity calculations and COCOMO estimates written in pure Go
Interpretable ML package 🔍 for concise, transparent, and accurate predictive modeling (sklearn-compatible).
Data Science Live Book
An open source book to learn data science, data analysis and machine learning, suitable for all ages!
Uci Ml Api
Simple API for UCI Machine Learning Dataset Repository (search, download, analyze)
Data Set
state driven all in one data process for data visualization
Large-scale server monitoring application written in Golang
Tools for loading standard data sets in machine learning
Scikit Posthocs
Multiple Pairwise Comparisons (Post Hoc) Tests in Python
Sparkliner — easy way to make sparkline graph [Sketch plugin]
A gallery of animations in statistics and utilities to create animations
pure-Python HistFactory implementation with tensors and autodiff
Ee Outliers
Open-source framework to detect outliers in Elasticsearch events
An Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries
Covid19 Severity Prediction
Extensive and accessible COVID-19 data + forecasting for counties and hospitals. 📈
Data Analysis with Bootstrap Estimation in R
Hypothesis tests for Julia
Stat Cookbook
📙 The probability and statistics cookbook
A well tested and comprehensive Golang statistics library package with no dependencies.
Whylogs Java
Profile and monitor your ML data pipeline end-to-end
Lru Cache
💫 A feature complete LRU cache implementation in C++
A collection of useful mathematical functions in Elixir with a slant towards statistics, linear algebra and machine learning
Python library for identifying the peaks and valleys of a time series.
Math Php
Powerful modern math library for PHP: Features descriptive statistics and regressions; Continuous and discrete probability distributions; Linear algebra with matrices and vectors, Numerical analysis; special mathematical functions; Algebra
Open source time series library for Python
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