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Ksql Udf Deep Learning Mqtt Iot
Deep Learning UDF for KSQL for Streaming Anomaly Detection of MQTT IoT Sensor Data
Franz Go
franz-go contains a high performance, pure Go library for interacting with Kafka from 0.8.0 through 2.7.0+. Producing, consuming, transacting, administrating, etc.
Fs2 Kafka
Functional Kafka Streams for Scala
Simplifying Kafka for ruby apps
Example Code for Kafka Tutorials @ Learning Journal
A modern Apache Kafka client for node.js
Project Flogo is an open source ecosystem of opinionated event-driven capabilities to simplify building efficient & modern serverless functions, microservices & edge apps.
Php Rdkafka
Production-ready, stable Kafka client for PHP
Java Kafka Client
OpenTracing Instrumentation for Apache Kafka Client
Alpakka Kafka
Alpakka Kafka connector - Alpakka is a Reactive Enterprise Integration library for Java and Scala, based on Reactive Streams and Akka.
Framework for Apache Kafka based Ruby and Rails applications development.
Fs2 Kafka
Kafka client for functional streams for scala (fs2)
Kafka proxy with a simple API, speaking the Redis protocol
Ruby Kafka
A Ruby client library for Apache Kafka
Kafka client written in Twisted Python
Sarama is a Go library for Apache Kafka 0.8, and up.
Kafka Streams Machine Learning Examples
This project contains examples which demonstrate how to deploy analytic models to mission-critical, scalable production environments leveraging Apache Kafka and its Streams API. Models are built with Python, H2O, TensorFlow, Keras, DeepLearning4 and other technologies.
Rust Rdkafka
A fully asynchronous, futures-based Kafka client library for Rust based on librdkafka
asyncio client for kafka
Logback Kafka Appender
Logback appender for Apache Kafka
Node Sinek
🎩 Most advanced high level Node.js Kafka client
A Clojure library for the Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform.
Code snippets that demonstrate how to leverage the new Kafka 0.11 APIs
A convenience library for Apache Kafka integration in a Dropwizard service.
🐴 Pure Pony Kafka client
Manage your topic's configuration (partitions, replication factor, parameters), ACLs, quotas, and get stats, without any effort with this library. It does not use the Kafka scripts and does not require ssh connection to the remote broker.
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