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Top 60 kafka-streams open source projects

Data Accelerator
Data Accelerator for Apache Spark simplifies onboarding to Streaming of Big Data. It offers a rich, easy to use experience to help with creation, editing and management of Spark jobs on Azure HDInsights or Databricks while enabling the full power of the Spark engine.
Kafka With Akka Streams Kafka Streams Tutorial
Code samples for the Lightbend tutorial on writing microservices with Akka Streams, Kafka Streams, and Kafka
Hivemq Mqtt Tensorflow Kafka Realtime Iot Machine Learning Training Inference
Real Time Big Data / IoT Machine Learning (Model Training and Inference) with HiveMQ (MQTT), TensorFlow IO and Apache Kafka - no additional data store like S3, HDFS or Spark required
Kafka Streams Scala
Thin Scala wrapper around Kafka Streams Java API
Scala DSL for Unit-Testing Processing Topologies in Kafka Streams
Kafka Streams Dotnet
.NET Stream Processing Library for Apache Kafka 🚀
A Kafka Story
Kafka ecosystem ... but step by step!
Azkarra Streams
🚀 Azkarra is a lightweight java framework to make it easy to develop, deploy and manage cloud-native streaming microservices based on Apache Kafka Streams.
Java Kafka Client
OpenTracing Instrumentation for Apache Kafka Client
Scalable stream processing platform for advanced realtime analytics on top of Kafka and Spark. LogIsland also supports MQTT and Kafka Streams (Flink being in the roadmap). The platform does complex event processing and is suitable for time series analysis. A large set of valuable ready to use processors, data sources and sinks are available.
A Clojure DSL for Kafka Streams
A high performance/ real-time C++ Kafka streams framework (C++17)
Yet another Web UI for KSQL
Kafka Workshop
Materials (slides and code) for Kafka and Kafka Streams Workshop
Cp Docker Images
[DEPRECATED] Docker images for Confluent Platform.
Demo Scene
👾Scripts and samples to support Confluent Demos and Talks. ⚠️Might be rough around the edges ;-) 👉For automated tutorials and QA'd code, see
Kafka Streams Machine Learning Examples
This project contains examples which demonstrate how to deploy analytic models to mission-critical, scalable production environments leveraging Apache Kafka and its Streams API. Models are built with Python, H2O, TensorFlow, Keras, DeepLearning4 and other technologies.
Kafka Streams Course
Learn Kafka Streams with several examples!
Kafka Streams
equivalent to kafka-streams 🐙 for nodejs ✨🐢🚀✨
Winton Kafka Streams
A Python implementation of Apache Kafka Streams
Scalatest Embedded Kafka
A library that provides an in-memory Kafka instance to run your tests against.
A stream processing framework to build stateless applications on Kafka
Kafkastreams Cep
Complex Event Processing on top of Kafka Streams
Kafka, Debezium and Fuse demonstration based on Chuck Norris movies!
Framework for building distributed microserviceies in scala with akka-streams and kafka
Library offering http based query on top of Kafka Streams Interactive Queries
Demonstrations for Kafka with Spring Boot
Kafka Streams based microservice
Redis Kafka Streams State Store
Kafka Streams demo project containing Derivative Events, the Processor Api and Wall-clock examples
Twitter Streaming API Example with Kafka Streams in Scala
Terraform and Ansible to install a Kafka Cluster
Examples of Avro, Kafka, Schema Registry, Kafka Streams, Interactive Queries, KSQL, Kafka Connect in Scala
Kafka Streams DSL vs Processor API
Plumber, for your dirtiest Kafka streaming jobs
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