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Delivery boy
A simple way to publish messages to Kafka from Ruby applications
Prometheus Kafka Adapter
Use Kafka as a remote storage database for Prometheus (remote write only)
Example Code for Kafka Tutorials @ Learning Journal
Project Flogo is an open source ecosystem of opinionated event-driven capabilities to simplify building efficient & modern serverless functions, microservices & edge apps.
Framework for Apache Kafka based Ruby and Rails applications development.
A web clone of the card game Cards Against Humanity.
Kafka proxy with a simple API, speaking the Redis protocol
Anotherkafkamonitor Akm
Another app which used to monitor the progress of Kafka Producer and Consumer
Change data capture for a variety of databases. Please log issues at
Code snippets that demonstrate how to leverage the new Kafka 0.11 APIs
Kafka Examples focusing on Producer, Consumer, KStreams, KTable, Global KTable using Spring, Kafka Cluster Setup & Monitoring. Implementing Event Sourcing and CQRS Design Pattern using Kafka
Kafka Python Fake Data Producer is a complete demo app allowing you to quickly produce a Python fake Pizza-based streaming dataset and push it to an Apache Kafka topic. It gives an example on how easy is to create great fake streaming data to feed Apache Kafka.
Open Source Oracle database CDC written purely in C++. Reads transactions directly from database redo log files and streams in JSON or Protobuf format to: Kafka, RocketMQ, flat file, network stream (plain TCP/IP or ZeroMQ)
Apache Spark is a fast, in-memory data processing engine with elegant and expressive development API's to allow data workers to efficiently execute streaming, machine learning or SQL workloads that require fast iterative access to datasets.This project will have sample programs for Spark in Scala language .
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