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Drl based selfdrivingcarcontrol
Deep Reinforcement Learning (DQN) based Self Driving Car Control with Vehicle Simulator
A car soccer environment inspired by Rocket League for deep reinforcement learning experiments in an adversarial self-play setting.
Watermark Remover
Remove watermark automatically(Just can use for fixed position watermark till now). 自动水印消除算法的实现(目前只支持固定水印位置)。
Pytorch Drl
PyTorch implementations of various Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) algorithms for both single agent and multi-agent.
Machine Learning Uiuc
🖥️ CS446: Machine Learning in Spring 2018, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Applied Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making tutorials explained at an intuitive level and with Jupyter Notebooks
A PyTorch implementation of "Graph Classification Using Structural Attention" (KDD 2018).
Deep rl trader
Trading Environment(OpenAI Gym) + DDQN (Keras-RL)
Actor-critic with experience replay
Manage your machine learning experiments with trixi - modular, reproducible, high fashion. An experiment infrastructure optimized for PyTorch, but flexible enough to work for your framework and your tastes.
Pytorch A2c Ppo Acktr Gail
PyTorch implementation of Advantage Actor Critic (A2C), Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO), Scalable trust-region method for deep reinforcement learning using Kronecker-factored approximation (ACKTR) and Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning (GAIL).
文件 笔和线段的一种划分.py,只需要把k线high,low数据输入,就能自动实现笔,线段,中枢,买卖点,走势类型的划分了。可以把sh.csv 作为输入文件。个人简历见.pdf。时间的力量。有人说择时很困难,有人说选股很容易,有人说统计套利需要的IT配套设施很重要。还有人说系统有不可测原理。众说纷纭。分布式的系统,当你的影响可以被忽略,你才能实现,Jiang主席所谓之,闷声发大财。
Tensorflow2 Deep Reinforcement Learning
Code accompanying the blog post "Deep Reinforcement Learning with TensorFlow 2.1"
Deep Reinforcement Learning Gym
Deep reinforcement learning model implementation in Tensorflow + OpenAI gym
Atari Model Zoo
A binary release of trained deep reinforcement learning models trained in the Atari machine learning benchmark, and a software release that enables easy visualization and analysis of models, and comparison across training algorithms.
Courses on Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) and DRL papers for recommender systems
Awesome Deep Rl
A curated list of awesome Deep Reinforcement Learning resources.
Naf Tensorflow
"Continuous Deep Q-Learning with Model-based Acceleration" in TensorFlow
Hands On Intelligent Agents With Openai Gym
Code for Hands On Intelligent Agents with OpenAI Gym book to get started and learn to build deep reinforcement learning agents using PyTorch
Machine Learning Is All You Need
🔥🌟《Machine Learning 格物志》: ML + DL + RL basic codes and notes by sklearn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras & the most important, from scratch!💪 This repository is ALL You Need!
Repository for codes of 'Deep Reinforcement Learning'
Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
31 projects in the framework of Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms: Q-learning, DQN, PPO, DDPG, TD3, SAC, A2C and others. Each project is provided with a detailed training log.
Accel Brain Code
The purpose of this repository is to make prototypes as case study in the context of proof of concept(PoC) and research and development(R&D) that I have written in my website. The main research topics are Auto-Encoders in relation to the representation learning, the statistical machine learning for energy-based models, adversarial generation networks(GANs), Deep Reinforcement Learning such as Deep Q-Networks, semi-supervised learning, and neural network language model for natural language processing.
Spinning Up Basic
Basic versions of agents from Spinning Up in Deep RL written in PyTorch
Awesome Deep Neuroevolution
A collection of Deep Neuroevolution resources or evolutionary algorithms applying in Deep Learning (constantly updating)
Go Bot Drl
Goal-Oriented Chatbot trained with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Baby A3c
A high-performance Atari A3C agent in 180 lines of PyTorch
An independent implementation of DeepMind's AlphaGoZero in Scala, using Deeplearning4J (DL4J)
Code for "Gradient Surgery for Multi-Task Learning"
An offline deep reinforcement learning library
Machine Learning And Data Science
This is a repository which contains all my work related Machine Learning, AI and Data Science. This includes my graduate projects, machine learning competition codes, algorithm implementations and reading material.
Deep Qlearning Agent For Traffic Signal Control
A framework where a deep Q-Learning Reinforcement Learning agent tries to choose the correct traffic light phase at an intersection to maximize traffic efficiency.
Policy Gradient
Minimal Monte Carlo Policy Gradient (REINFORCE) Algorithm Implementation in Keras
Keras Rl2
Reinforcement learning with tensorflow 2 keras
Deep Reinforcement Learning In Large Discrete Action Spaces
Implementation of the algorithm in Python 3, TensorFlow and OpenAI Gym
Muzero Pytorch
Pytorch Implementation of MuZero
A Deep Rl Approach For Sdn Routing Optimization
A Deep-Reinforcement Learning Approach for Software-Defined Networking Routing Optimization
Pytorch Trpo
PyTorch Implementation of Trust Region Policy Optimization (TRPO)
Advanced Deep Learning And Reinforcement Learning Deepmind
🎮 Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning at UCL & DeepMind | YouTube videos 👉
Deep Rl Tensorflow
TensorFlow implementation of Deep Reinforcement Learning papers
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