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Dawn Bench Entries
DAWNBench: An End-to-End Deep Learning Benchmark and Competition
Train Tesseract LSTM with make
Malware Samples
Malware samples, analysis exercises and other interesting resources.
Symfony Pack
A series of questions to prepare for the Symfony certification
🐝 A fast, easy and collaborative open source image annotation tool for teams and individuals.
Purrr Tutorial
A introduction to purrr
Split Folders
🗂 Split folders with files (i.e. images) into training, validation and test (dataset) folders
Improved Body Parts
Simple Pose: Rethinking and Improving a Bottom-up Approach for Multi-Person Pose Estimation
Hyperlpr Training
车牌识别训练代码 Training Tools Related to HyperLPR
Toolkit to obtain and preprocess german corpora, train models using word2vec (gensim) and evaluate them with generated testsets
Dev & design apprenticeships to the rescue! 🔧
Slides and code samples for training, tutorials, and workshops about Docker, containers, and Kubernetes.
Easily find and view pre-trained AI models and deep learning projects through the command line 💻
React Workshop
The course material for our React Hooks workshop
Training Material
A collection of Galaxy-related training material
Php Certification Training
🎓 Zend Certified PHP Engineer Certification (free training)
Frida Boot
Frida Boot 👢- A binary instrumentation workshop, with Frida, for beginners!
Repository for my tutorial course: Sass Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning and
Docker, Kubernetes and Gravity Trainings by Gravitational
Unsupervised Deep Homography: A Fast and Robust Homography Estimation Model
Course Vue Getting Started
Repo associated with the "Vue.js: Getting Started" training course
Scrapy Training
Scrapy Training companion code
Samples associated with Pluralsight design patterns in c# courses.
Scipy 2017 Tutorial Pandas
SciPy 2017 Pandas Tutorial
Sagemaker Training Toolkit
Train machine learning models within a 🐳 Docker container using 🧠 Amazon SageMaker.
Bmw Labeltool Lite
This repository provides you with a easy to use labeling tool for State-of-the-art Deep Learning training purposes.
This is the repository for my course, Building a Website with Node.js and Express.js on LinkedIn Learning and
Repository for my tutorial course: Bootstrap 4 Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning and
Mongodb For Python Developers
MongoDB for Python developers course handouts from Talk Python Training
INGInious is a secure and automated exercises assessment platform using your own tests, also providing a pluggable interface with your existing LMS.
Learning Management System OpenOlat
Kubernetes Mastery
Kubernetes course on Udemy from @BretFisher and @jpetazzo
Data Science In Tidyverse
Data Science in the tidyverse, a two-day workshop @ rstudio:conf(2018)
Obman train
[cvpr19] Demo, training and evaluation code for generating dense hand+object reconstructions from single rgb images
Container, Monitoring & Logging, Cloud & DevOps Tutorials and Labs
Scala Course
Scala for Statistical Computing and Data Science Short Course
Docker Vulnerable Dvwa
Damn Vulnerable Web Application Docker container
This is the repository for my course, Building a Web Interface with React.js on LinkedIn Learning and
Lab Workshops
Materials for workshops on text mining, machine learning, and data visualization
Repository to hold code, instructions, demos and pointers to presentation assets for Kubeflow Dojo
KataContacts written in Java. The main goal is to practice Clean Architecture Development.
✭ 109
Professionally Evil Web Application Penetration Testing 101
✭ 106
Build and test examples
Examples of build scripts and unit test frameworks for various languages, and how these can be used with the Jenkins continuous integration server. Contact: @mikej888
Vsr Duf Reimplement
It is a re-implementation of paper named "Deep Video Super-Resolution Network Using Dynamic Upsampling Filters Without Explicit Motion Compensation" called VSR-DUF model. There are both training codes and test codes about VSR-DUF based tensorflow.
Hackerone Lessons
Transcribed video lessons of HackerOne to pdf's
A third-party Android client of DiyCode.
This repository is primarily maintained by Omar Santos and includes thousands of resources related to ethical hacking / penetration testing, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering, and more.
Excel Integration with spaCy. Training NER using Excel/XLSX from PDF, DOCX, PPT, PNG or JPG.
Azure Developer College's application development training days content.
Yolo resnet
Implementing YOLO using ResNet as the feature extraction network
TensorFlow 2.0 library for distributed training, evaluation, model selection, and fast prototyping.
Super Heroes Kata for Android Developers in Kotlin. The main goal is to practice UI Testing.
A tool to collect public images from Facebook and create an image dataset for training computer vision applications like gender recognition, and face detection
Go Collection
🌷 awesome awesome go, study golang from basic to proficient
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