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Top 137 learn-to-code open source projects

A visual systems language for beginners compiled using LLVM
30 Seconds Of Angular
[WIP] Curated collection of Angular snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less
Python Awesome
Learn Python, Easy to learn, Awesome
GitBook teaching programming basics with Javascript
Mud Pi
A simple MUD server in Python, for teaching purposes, which could be run on a Raspberry Pi
Bridging the gap between block programming and JavaScript.
🏫 Hack Club is a nonprofit network of computer science clubs where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects
Creative Scala
Quick, graphical, fun introduction to programming in Scala.
Go Monkey
Code for "Writing An Interpreter in Go"
React Tutorial Exercises
Learn and practice React.js in this interactive tutorial with dozens of react exercises.
Creating interactive R Problem Sets. Automatic hints and solution checks. (Shiny or RStudio)
INGInious is a secure and automated exercises assessment platform using your own tests, also providing a pluggable interface with your existing LMS.
Repo for content. Get up to speed with Zig quickly.
Git Kata
When you know the bases of git but sometimes you have problemes with it. This "code kata" could help you to deal with git problems
The open source codebase - Learn, build, and meetup with other developers on DISCORD and YOUTUBE
BASIC environment with a REPL, a web interface, and RPi support written in Rust
100daysofcode With Python Course
Course materials and handouts for #100DaysOfCode in Python course
Java8 Guides Tutorials
Java 8 Guides and Tutorials - A lot of awesome examples using Java 8 features like Stream, Lambda, Functional Interface, Date and Time API and much more
Learn Tech
Duolingo of Technology
🎓 Learning Ruby on Rails through building the Instagram Application.
📗 A course to teach non-technical team members what developers do 📗
Community Search
A community-curated repository of 🔥 learning resources
Educational computer programming environment using Haskell
Phoenix Todo List Tutorial
✅ Complete beginners tutorial building a todo list from scratch in Phoenix 1.5.3 (latest)
Tetris Tutorial
From rags to riches; building Tetris with no programming experience.
Jennifer dewalt
a.k.a. 180 Websites in 180 Days
Materials from LSH members' tutorials/talks.
All the Git-it Workshop completers!
Modern Js
Road to Modern JavaScript and React
Make your URLs shorter (smaller) and more memorable in Go
👩‍💻 Ideoxan is a free to use online tool to learn programming.
30 Seconds Of Java
Curated collection of useful little Java functions that you can understand quickly
Learn You The Node.js For Much Win! An intro to Node.js via a set of self-guided workshops.
Repository for public issue-tracking and discussions
Learn to code for secondary and higher education
The Complete Guide To Modern Javascript
A comprehensive, easy-to-follow ebook to learn everything from the basics of JavaScript to ES2020. Read more on my blog or buy it here Get the course here
Learn Julia via interactive tutorials!
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