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Top 48 data-visualisation open source projects

Chart Fx
A scientific charting library focused on performance optimised real-time data visualisation at 25 Hz update rates for data sets with a few 10 thousand up to 5 million data points.
R Ecology Lesson
Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Ecologists
🌳 Draw treemaps in ggplot2
Geodataviz Toolkit
The GeoDataViz Toolkit is a set of resources that will help you communicate your data effectively through the design of compelling visuals. In this repository we are sharing resources, assets and other useful links.
A toolbox for processing and analysing air traffic data
〰️ htmlwidget for creating streamgraph visualizations in R
Twitter Sentiment Visualisation
🌍 The R&D of a sentiment analysis module, and the implementation of it on real-time social media data, to generate a series of live visual representations of sentiment towards a specific topic or by location in order to find trends.
Data visualisation using OpenStreetMap objects
Flowy Vue
Vue Flowy makes creating flowchart or hierarchy chart functionality an easy task. Build automation software, mind mapping tools, organisation charts, or simple programming platforms in minutes by implementing the library into your project.
D3 Iconarray
A D3 module for making grids of icons
Covid19 Dashboard
A site that displays up to date COVID-19 stats, powered by fastpages.
R package that makes basic data exploration radically simple (interactive data exploration, reproducible data science)
Additional themes, scales, and geoms for ggplot2
📱📈An elegant, interactive and flexible charting library for mobile.
🍁 Make waffle (square pie) charts in R
Tidy data structures, summaries, and visualisations for missing data
An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R
A lightweight JavaScript library for creating interactive maps and pretty data visualization.
Understanding game design inspiration of roguelike games via web scraping and network analysis.
Plotly Offline Python
This repository provide tutorials regarding using Plotly offline package in python.
Visualization of Sourabh's adventures
convenience functions to help researchers elucidate patterns in their data
The open-source IATI datastore for IATI data with RESTful web API providing XML, JSON, CSV output. It extracts and parses IATI XML files referenced in the IATI Registry and powered by Apache Solr.
The easiest way to embed MongoDB Charts visualisations into your web app
R package of colour palettes based on Metallica studio album covers.
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