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1. Iheatmapr
Complex, interactive heatmaps in R
3. Fulltext
Search across and get full text for OA & closed journals
4. Taxize
A taxonomic toolbelt for R
6. Software Review
rOpenSci Software Peer Review.
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7. Osmdata
R package for downloading OpenStreetMap data
8. Tesseract
Bindings to Tesseract OCR engine for R
9. Opendata
CRAN OpenData Task View
10. Git2r
R bindings to the libgit2 library
12. Writexl
Portable, light-weight data frame to xlsx exporter for R
13. Tokenizers
Fast, Consistent Tokenization of Natural Language Text
14. Webservices
CRAN WebTechnologies Task View
15. Textreuse
Detect text reuse and document similarity
16. Rentrez
talk with NCBI entrez using R
17. Qualtrics
Download ⬇️ Qualtrics survey data directly into R!
18. Googlelanguager
R client for the Google Translation API, Google Cloud Natural Language API and Google Cloud Speech API
19. Biomartr
Genomic Data Retrieval with R
20. Rnaturalearth
an R package to hold and facilitate interaction with natural earth map data 🌍
21. Rcrossref
R client for various CrossRef APIs
22. Tic
Tasks Integrating Continuously: CI-Agnostic Workflow Definitions
23. Geojsonio
Convert many data formats to & from GeoJSON & TopoJSON
24. Datapackager
An R package to enable reproducible data processing, packaging and sharing.
25. Jqr
R interface to jq
26. Osmplotr
Data visualisation using OpenStreetMap objects
27. Piggyback
📦 for using large(r) data files on GitHub
28. Modistsp
An "R" package for automatic download and preprocessing of MODIS Land Products Time Series
29. Reproducibility Guide
project page for creating a guide to reproducible research
30. Osfr
R interface to the Open Science Framework (OSF)
31. Rgbif
Interface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API
32. Ssh
Native SSH client in R based on libssh
33. Dev guide
rOpenSci Packages: Development, Maintenance, and Peer Review
34. Rorcid
A programmatic interface the API
35. Ckanr
R client for the CKAN API
36. Refmanager
R package RefManageR
37. Gistr
Interact with GitHub gists from R
38. Drake
An R-focused pipeline toolkit for reproducibility and high-performance computing
39. Git2rdata
An R package for storing and retrieving data.frames in git repositories.
40. Rzmq
R package for ZMQ
41. Spelling
Tools for Spell Checking in R
42. Rclean
Isolate essential code to re-produce specific results.
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43. Gsodr
Global Surface Summary of the Day ('GSOD') Weather Data Client for R
44. Feddata
Functions to Automate Downloading Geospatial Data Available from Several Federated Data Sources
46. Mapscanner
R package to print maps, draw on them, and scan them back in
47. Vcr
Record HTTP calls and replay them
48. Getlandsat
get landsat 8 images and metadata
49. Ropensci
⛔️ [DEPRECATED] R interface for literature and data repositories
✭ 45
50. Webmockr
R library for stubbing and setting expectations on HTTP requests
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