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1. Laravel Query Builder
Easily build Eloquent queries from API requests
2. Flysystem Dropbox
A flysystem driver for Dropbox that uses the v2 API
✭ 254
3. Laravel Link Checker
Check all links in a Laravel application
4. Vue Save State
A Vue mixin to save the state of a component to local storage
5. Laravel Resource Links
Add links to Laravel API resources
6. Laravel View Components
A better way to connect data with view rendering in Laravel
7. Laravel Cronless Schedule
Run the Laravel scheduler without relying on cron
8. Laravel Database Mail Templates
Render Laravel mailables based on a mail template stored in the database
9. Laravel Package Tools
Tools for creating Laravel packages
10. Laravel Analytics
A Laravel package to retrieve pageviews and other data from Google Analytics
11. Array Functions
Some handy array functions
12. Laravel Slack Slash Command
Make a Laravel app respond to a slash command from Slack
13. Laravel Export
Create a static site bundle from a Laravel app
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14. Uptime Monitor App
A PHP application to monitor uptime and ssl certificates
15. Laravel Partialcache
Blade directive to cache rendered partials in laravel
16. Nova Tags Field
A tags field to use in your Nova apps
17. Mailcoach
A self-hosted email list manager - in a modern jacket.
18. Icalendar Generator
Generate calendars in the iCalendar format
19. Skeleton Nova Tool
A skeleton repository for Spatie's Nova Packages
20. Dropbox Api
A minimal implementation of Dropbox API v2
✭ 183
21. Laravel Authorize
A middleware to check authorization
22. Laravel Migrate Fresh
An artisan command to build up a database from scratch
23. Sheets
Store & retrieve your static content in plain text files
24. 7to5
Convert PHP 7 code to PHP 5 code
✭ 172
25. Laravel Route Attributes
Use PHP 8 attributes to register routes in a Laravel app
✭ 171
26. Test Time
A helper to control the flow of time
The guidelines used at our company
28. Color
A little library to deal with color conversions
30. Laravel Mix Preload
Add preload and prefetch links based your Mix manifest
31. Npm Install Peers
CLI command to install npm peerDependencies
✭ 160
33. Laravel Enum
Laravel support for spatie/enum
✭ 158
34. Image Optimizer
Easily optimize images using PHP
35. Spoon
Our simple Laravel boilerplate
36. Crawler
An easy to use, powerful crawler implemented in PHP. Can execute Javascript.
37. Html Element
Html rendering in php inspired by hyperscript
✭ 153
38. Laravel Twitter Streaming Api
Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API in a Laravel app
39. Laravel Mailable Test
An artisan command to easily test mailables
40. Async
Easily run code asynchronously
41. Robots Txt
Determine if a page may be crawled from robots.txt, robots meta tags and robot headers
✭ 142
42. Server Monitor App
A PHP application to monitor the health of your servers
43. Twitter Streaming Api
Easily work with the Twitter Streaming API
✭ 139
44. Laravel Fractal
An easy to use Fractal wrapper built for Laravel and Lumen applications
45. Laravel Remote
Execute Artisan commands on a remote server
✭ 125
46. Laravel Artisan Dd
Quickly run some code via Artisan
47. Laravel Responsecache
Speed up a Laravel app by caching the entire response
48. Laravel Tinker Tools
Use short class names in an Artisan tinker session
49. Query String
Manipulate query strings
✭ 128
50. Package Skeleton Php
A skeleton repository for Spatie's PHP Packages
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