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😎 Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics
Front End Checklist
🗂 The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites and meticulous developers
Find all of the resources you might need to try out code presented in the Student Zone at Build 2020 for yourself!
A command line tool for cleaning unused resources in Xcode.
Awesome Javascript Learning
A tiny list limited to the best JavaScript Learning Resources
Free Programming Resources
💎 免费的编程资源大全,持续更新!🔥 覆盖各种语言和方向(Java \ Python \ C++ \ JavaScript \ Golang \ 前端 \ 后端等)的学习路线、贴心教程、项目实战、编程书籍、面试合集、实用资源等,对程序员非常有帮助!
Awesome Css Houdini
A curated list of CSS Houdini resources
✭ 246
Laravel Resource Links
Add links to Laravel API resources
📖 Huge curated collection (archive) of links of Tech, Science, Economics, Politics, Life, Philosophy, Conferences, Videos and much more resources from everyday surfing. ⭐️ Since October 21, 2017.
Like `kubectl get all`, but get really all resources
Awesome Recruitment
List of my favourite recruitment things 💫
Awesome Flame
An awesome list that curates the best Flame games, projects, libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.
Redux Resource
3kb resource management for Redux
A social network of lifelong learners built around humanity's universal learning map.
Awesome Design Systems
A curated list of bookmarks, resources and articles about design systems focused on developers.
Archive of Workshops conducted by [email protected]
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Xd Awesome
Awesome community-created resources for extending Adobe XD
Free opensource Learning Resources related to Web-Development A to Z 🔥❤
YAML language and community information
Awesome Linguistics
A curated list of anything remotely related to linguistics
Awesome Console Services
A curated list of awesome console services (reachable via HTTP, HTTPS and other network protocols)
Curated resources that help you build lightning fast websites
Mad Metasploit
Metasploit custom modules, plugins, resource script and.. awesome metasploit collection
Competitive Programming Resources
This repository consists of data helpful for ACM ICPC programming contest, in general competitive programming.
This repo is a one stop destination to find resources for learning various domains. You can find the roadmap for any domain here.
Awesome Gbadev
A curated list of Game Boy Advance development resources
Climate Change Data
🌍 A curated list of APIs, open data and ML/AI projects on climate change
Awesome Deep Rl
A curated list of awesome Deep Reinforcement Learning resources.
Ck Caffe
Collective Knowledge workflow for Caffe to automate installation across diverse platforms and to collaboratively evaluate and optimize Caffe-based workloads across diverse hardware, software and data sets (compilers, libraries, tools, models, inputs):
Graph Adversarial Learning
A curated collection of adversarial attack and defense on graph data.
fclone telegram interface.Send commands to Telegram BOT for get a convience way to control fclone resources copy missions.
Google Mobile Web Specialist Certification Guide
If you are looking for becoming a Mobile Web Specialist by Google, this guide will be your best friend in your journey
Awesome R Learning Resources
A curated collection of free resources to help deepen your understanding of the R programming language. Updated regularly. Contributions encouraged via pull request (see
Resources to prepare for Google Certified Cloud Architect Professional Exam - 2017
Awesome Ocaml
A curated collection of awesome OCaml tools, frameworks, libraries and articles.
Cs Books
A list of textbooks for a Computer Science curriculum.
An Application built for students to access Notes , Question Papers , Syllabus and Resources for all Subjects of O.U (Osmania University) 📘👨‍🎓
Women In Technology
A collection of resources for women in tech, consisting of - courses, learning guides, amazing sites and repos, blogs, programs and events. scholarships, etc.
Javascriptstuff Db
Lists of JavaScript resources: tools, tutorials, starter projects, example code, etc.
Карта развития веб-разработчика
Oscp bible
This is a collection of resources, scripts, bookmarks, writeups, notes, cheatsheets that will help you in OSCP Preparation as well as for general pentesting and learning. If you feel like you can contribute in it. Please do that, I'll appreciate you.
Awesome 5g
Awesome lists about 5G projects.
Resources on various topics being worked on at IvLabs
📚 The Open Source Education Initiative – a repository with resources for 60+ engineering subjects. Let's make education more open and accessible! 🚀✨
A list of Flutter resources that will help people get started with Flutter
Fed Hobby
Awesome Peer To Peer
A list of peer-to-peer resources.
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